Spigot Essentials (Skript) [1.16.5-1.17] [Bungeecord/Spigot/Paper Support] 1.19-SNAPSHOT 2021.10a

Essentials is back but in Skript.

  1. this really has to be a joke, please save us
  2. Can you add Minecraft 2 support please? Also fix all the bugs that don't exist so you can post another fake update. Why has spigot not taken action against this poor resource already?
  3. Essentials Script Update:
    - changed the version number and link bug fix

    Why am I surprised, YET AGAIN, that you are lying in your updates.

    OPEN YOUR EYES MY DUDE.... script is a non-compiled scripting language, its easy as pie for us to check this shit.
  4. LMFAOOOO I fell out my chair
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  5. 2 "bug fixes" but just added a message if you don't have put an arg.
  6. This is good plugin for server! Thank you much!
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  7. Thank you much !
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  8. I hope you are joking
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  9. I no joke this very good plugin! Lot updates!
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  10. You forgot the "Fake" in between lot and updates. Lots of fake updates.
  11. Come on man, or you will be one of those that the fake update launcher pays you or is that you are blind and drugged

    (Im spanish and i'm using translator)
  12. whaaaaaat?
  13. alexisl315 updated Essentials [1.8-1.15.1] [Bungeecord/Spigot/Paper Support] | New >> 1.15 BIG UPDATE with a new update entry:

    Essentials Update 1.15.4 | New systems for panels and bug fix !

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. You fix the code every day?
  15. Great work on this plugin!
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  16. Are you alexisl315? because it becomes very strange for a user to come with the account created on friday and come and say to continue with this skript crap

    (Im spanish)
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  17. Lmfao bad lol xD rofl
  18. Arrêtes d'écrire des plugins inutiles gars... j'en vois vraiment pas l'intérêt!
  19. No, Hytale no support !