Spigot Essentials (Skript) [1.16.5-1.17] [Bungeecord/Spigot/Paper Support] 1.19-SNAPSHOT 2021.10a

Essentials is back but in Skript.

  1. Thank you very much, this problem has been solved.
  2. Please, update the plugin Essentials for vanilla survival for spigot 1.14, a large number of updated plugins on the server without the support of this plugin give errors. Sorry for bad english.
  3. Update everything. Bad code, bad understanding of how skript 1.14 isn't even really out (not to mention 1.14.1). Just stop it
  4. You still haven't fixed the title and your update logs.
  5. let me know when it comes out in a .jar file...im tired of there being more updates of the way to make plugi in than the damn plugins them selves
  6. Can someone tell me in English how to install this so it works on 1.14. Or if it even works at all for that matter?
  7. im sticking to old essentials im not adding yet another plugin to enable skrptz
  8. Can someone help me I cant get the mod to work on my 1.14 server. Please contact me on my discord, mayha#3662
  9. So I'm kinda super sure this plugin is completely just a joke. He even wrote support with 1.14.2 on it now lmao. If you want this plugin, just wait until it gets released by someone else.
  10. just dont get that guy that one guys essentials pro he made in SKRIPTZ i aint wasting my time putting in another plugin to make my other plugins work
  11. Hello, I have a Problem. I cant use commands like /warp without op. And if I add essentials.warp to permissionsX it also dont work. Can someone help me pls. Thank You
  12. Hello I'm wondering if there is a way to allow sort of a class setup, where in one could get certain kits once they've reached a certain level, or even just make it to where kits have a cost?
  13. @alexisl315 Juste y'a des gens qui posent des questions et font des remarques aussi ici, donc je te conseille de t'abonner au fil de discussion.