Essentials spawn priority for subgroups

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  1. I have a prison server and there are multiple ranks. Each rank has its own spawn location. I would like to make it so that if you are in the VIP subgroup, the spawn for the group VIP overrides the other group's spawn point. i.e I want the VIP spawn location to take priority over other groups.

    I am using EssentialsSpawn and PermissionsEX. I have the VIP group set to weight: '100'. Is it possible to do this in Essentials, or do I need to get another spawn plugin? If I do need a different plugin, does anyone have suggestions for a good one?

    Thank you :)
  2. You can set the spawn for different ranks. Essentials already comes with this.
    /setspawn (rank)
  3. If you read my message you would see that I am asking for the spawn of a SUBGROUP to take priority over a normal group. Obviously, I have tried that, but the player is sent to their normal group spawn instead of the spawn of a subgroup.
  4. Interesting. Going to take a look at this more.
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