Essentials spigot plugin not working Please Help!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by hyperbat, May 31, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I just created a new server and got plugins, I have downloaded world edit and custom enchantments which work completely fine but essentials is not working at all. I downloaded all the essential plugins from the jenkins page and none of them worked. "Essentials failed to load, read the log file." is what it says and i'm not sure what to do I have tried looking at different threads but I do not understand them Please help...

    - Shawn
  2. No i went to that page it still did not work :(
  3. Normally the links of @shawn_ian will works.. o_O
  4. I'm really having trouble here is it possible a spigot staff can skype or something... thanks
  5. Sure, click here for the list of the staff and contact one.
  6. Please help me :(
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  7. If You have problems with these, i don't know how Can I help You sorry ..
  8. As I said before i would love if a spigot staff member can skype me please thanks. I have tryed to see on different videos and threads
  9. What version of spigot are you running? Essentials may be missing some things to run on 1.8.4
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  10. I am running 1.8.0 spigot
  11. I would like to thank ChavitaHD For the solution to my problem my server is now fixed and I owe everything to you buddy... Love homo <3
  12. Is there an essentials plugin for 1.7.9 because the ones i found never work.
  13. Love me, hu? Join my server then! <3
  14. Love you too and you are very welcome!
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