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Essentials Unknown Enchant / RankVoucher

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Danny_L, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. So recently I've been looking for some plugins which I wasn't able to find so thats the reason why i'm here if you guys know any plugins or can make any plugins similair to this.

    This thread is a request / suggestion.

    1) EssentialsEnchant Unknown
    This plugin would be a plugin that would give the item you did the command "/enchant" on, no lore.
    So it would just make the item shiny and instead of making the command "/glow" make it compatible with essentials and if you do the command "/enchant unkown" it would make the item shiny but without an enchantment lore / enchantment. This would also be very useful in kits, crate keys and other things.

    2) Rank Vouchers
    This is a plugin that gives you a paper and you can redeem the paper by right-clicking and it would make you the rank and ofcourse you can make it manually with essentials but it wouldn't give you the rank without asking admins to give it manually to you and so theres an option that only the winner can redeem it.

    It's similair to this plugin:


    Commands: /rankvoucher give <player> <rank>

    Ty for reading