Essentials X Sign shops. HELP

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  1. So I just bought mcprohost server, and all my plugins work fine, but when it comes to essentials X, sign shops don't seem to work like before. Do I need to enable them somewhere or do they work different than in essentials. Please help as I am trying to get my server ready.
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    it clearly states that you need to enable the signs.
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  3. That page is for the old essentials plugin I need to know how to enable them for EssentialsX
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    well essx is just a fork, should be that same. if not, search at the new plugin docu
  5. The configuration for the fork is the same as the normal one. Remove the # (pound/hashtag sign) before each of the sign types in your essentials or essentials X configuration. Note that if you're using another plugin which uses [shop] signs, essentials will conflict with that.
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  7. Um yeah lol thats me :)
  8. I think he's remarking about how the bump was unnecessary as it seems my previous post answered the question.

  9. ok, Simple to fix this.
    Install the Spigot version of Essentials and remove EssentialsX
    go into the config after you have installed Essentials Spigot
    scroll down until you see Essentials Signs
    this is what it would look like

    # -buy
    # -sell

    something like that anyway, remove the # so it looks like this


    reload essentials by doing this command /essentials reload or reboot your server, then it should work :)
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  10. No, you got it wrong

    EssentialsX has that too
    If you install EssentialsX, it'll make a "Essentials" folder, not EssentialsX folder

    In it, you will see config.yml and all the stuff that Essentials has

    If you open config.yml, and go to line #300 (with notepad++)
    You will see

    #- color
    #- balance
    #- buy
    #- sell
    #- trade
    #- free
    #- disposal
    #- warp
    #- kit
    #- mail
    #- enchant
    #- gamemode
    #- heal
    #- info
    #- spawnmob
    #- repair
    #- time
    #- weather

    If you remove the #
    It'll enable the signs
    for example

    - color
    - balance
    - buy
    - sell
    - trade
    - free
    - disposal
    - warp
    - kit
    - mail
    - enchant
    - gamemode
    - heal
    - info
    - spawnmob
    - repair
    - time
    - weather

    Will enable all of them
    While the one with # infront of the - will be disabled
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  11. Both these posts are saying the same thing. And just to ensure people don't become confused. Essentials X is a fork off of essentials, meaning it's essentially just an optimized and more up-to-date version of it. There are no noticeable differences in terms of the back-end configuration for either of them. As people have recommended, Essentials X is probably better for your server in terms of load and optimization, however you might prefer the normal essentials for whatever reason. Permissions and commands are the same throughout with few adjustments (that I can remember off-hand) other than some messaging that has really changed. In other words, they're the same permission, command, and config wise. Using one over the other won't affect you noticeable unless you really know what you're doing and need more performance out of your server.
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  12. the config.yml of my essentialsX don't have "enablesigns:"
  13. you can add it and it will work