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  1. Hey, I have seen a server have /sudo * c : message) on essentials, and i want to do this but it says "Unknown player" How can i like sudo all to say something in chat? Please help
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  2. /sudo <player> c: <message>
  3. I said i want to sudo all at the same time..
  4. Doesn't work. But thanks
  5. I'm not aware of any plugins that do this, granted, I didn't check. But you can achieve this with the plugin MyCommands ONLINE_PLAYERS type. I can show you how to configure it if you like.
  6. Install EssentialsX then use
    /sudo ** c:<message>
  7. Then there is no point in asking for more help, u got ur answer
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  8. Theres nothing wrong with essentialsX.. its a direct fork of Essentials with a few added enhancements.
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  9. What server version?
  10. 1.8 sooooooooo...................
  11. Why do so many people still use 1.8 servers? Just update to 1.12.2 so many more benefits and server enhancements.
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  12. 1. 1.12.2 pvp sucks 2, 80% ppl play on 1.8 3. I don't need more enchants 4. ur gonna have 0 players if u only have 1.12.2 (i use viaversion)

    Do you know why theres so many 1.8 servers now?
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  13. This commit.
    80% don't play on 1.8.x, as Mojang has stated.
    There aren't so many 1.8 servers, see
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  14. uhm, I guessed.. Did you take that seriously?
  15. HAHA! Your only using 1.8 because of its pvp? You know there are so many plugins that allow 1.9+ servers to enable 1.8's pvp. I have a 1.12.2 server that allows clients from 1.8-1.12.2 but uses the 1.8 pvp mechanic for all clients. Final conclusion: update to 1.12.2.
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  16. OK, so can you tell us exactly what you're trying to do? Have a command block target a player or something? Entering a command in a console? What command? Give us some more information.
  17. I
    I think he is trying to make all player execute a command at the same time by using essentials sudo
  18. But how? Console? Command block? Player chat? And what command?
  19. "Spigot 1.12.2"
  20. I think he needs a plugin that contains this code

    Code (Text):
    package samplePackage;

    import org.bukkit.command.Command;
    import org.bukkit.command.CommandSender;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;

    public class MultiCommandPlugin extends JavaPlugin{
        public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String label, String[] args) {
            if (args == null) {
                return false;
            if (args[0].equalsIgnoreCase("sampleCommandArgument")) {
                String sampleCommand = this.getConfig().getString("sampleCommand");
                for (Player player : this.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
                return true;
            return false;
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