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  1. Hello all,

    Sadly I'm back again because I cannot seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. How do I have multiple prefixes or suffixes with EssentialsChat? I'm using PermissionsEX and I have already looked in essentials confiig to find the option. Sadly, I cannot find it anywhere.

    Any help much appriciated.

    Many thanks,

    I'm using essentials 2.13.1 with PaperSpigot-43 for 1.7.10 << My config. The group-format doesn't work.
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    Listen. There have been multiple threads going on about this. There is no easy way to give players MULTIPLE prefixes.
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  3. Install EssentialsChat and then go intro the config.yml in the Essentials Folder. Go to the Point "EssentialsChat" Remove the # at the Group Prefixes and add your own groups :D, then write the Chatformat.
    Sorry for my bad English, i come from Switzerland.
  4. EssentialsChat is already installed.
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    I am guessing you want something like "[God] [Staff] player > hi" where the player has the prefix of both the God rank and the Staff rank. Now, as I said above, there is NO easy way to do this.
    However, you could create a sub-group for every group you have. For example, GodStaff with the prefix "[God] [Staff]".
  6. I feel like this method would be very annoying and inefficient as the amount of groups would add up exponentially.
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