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    I am using EssentialsChat along with other plugins necessary to fulfill my request. I would like to know the placeholders so that I could make my chat look like this, "[ftop] [faction] [rank/name]:". At the moment, I am missed the "[ftop]" part, and just have [faction] [rank/name]: - I would like to know the placeholders so that I can edit the chat to look as I requested. The plugin I am using for faction top is called FactionsTop.

    Thank you!
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  2. If you're referring to my plugin ( )

    Take a look at the FactionsTop chat configuration section, enable it and add the placeholder to the chat section in Essentials.
    Code (Text):
        enabled: true
        rank-placeholder: '{factions_top_rank}'
        rank-found: '&2[&e#{rank}&2]'
        rank-not-found: ''
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    Hey, thank you so much. Since you are the Developer of the plugin, I also have a question. I want the number one faction to be &8[&e#1&8] in chat, I want the second best to be &8[&7#1&8], and the third to be &8[&6#3&8]. Everything below the top 3 factions to be &8[&c#(rank)&8]. I want this like that because 1 is gold (&e), 2 is silver (&7), and 3 is bronze (&6). Please help me, thank you so much for your current help.
  4. This is currently not possible with the version of FactionsTop released. If you'd like, you can contribute a PR to add this feature:
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    Go on, they have that feature.
  6. I think what VHC means is that SaicoPvP edited your plugin a while back and has been able to modify the colors when you hit a certain rank. I would like to see that as an addition in your plugin Novucs, I just PR'd