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  1. Hello, Ive been having some issues lately with my prison server the problem is Im trying to set prefixes which ive done successfully to the Owner rank, admin rank and admin rank. Although the ranks from A - FREE arent working ill show you my essentials config and groupmanager config !
    Essentials Config:

    Groupmanager groups.yml:
  2. You have used CAPITALS in the group names in essentials but not in group manager, I use PEX so this might not be an issue, PEX is case sensitive, the group Owner and owner would be seen as separate groups so Owner would get the prefix, the group owner would not.

    If you are trying to setup EZRanks this video might help

  3. I dont think EzRankLite is the issue as i have it set up and working fine but A-FREE chat format doesnt work although prestige, prisongod etc work.
  4. Wait Nvm got it working i was meant to be case sensitive thanks !