EssentialsGroupManager.jar isn't creating a groups.yml and users.yml folder?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Texan_Slayer, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Check for errors in the console. Post them here if you find any.
  2. there isn't any errors. thats the thing.
  3. What version of the EssGM are you using? It could possibly be outdated.
  4. latest one i could find. I'm using 1.8.8 spigot and I've done this before without a problem
  5. I used to use GroupManager and this same thing happened, I ended up switching to PermissionsEx.

    Try to add the yml folders yourself in the directory and see if they auto-fill the files with the text.
  6. if group manager won't work i'd like to use something else than permissionsEx. because with that, prefixes don't show up :/ and its a different format that I'm used to
  7. Read your PMs.
  8. electronicboy

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    I have a version of GM that generally works fine, however I don't officially provide any support for it.
    I'd suggest using luckperms, developer is move active and even supports importing group manager configs if you have one
  9. dang. i heard luck perms isn't compatible with a lot of other plugins tho. is that a myth?
  10. electronicboy

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    that's a myth, luckperms supports hooking into vault and the general way of overriding bukkit perms. if it doesn't work for a plugin, that pretty much means that the author of the plugin is doing something stupid. if it's a problem with luckperms, speak to the author and he'll help look into it
  11. is luck perms supposed to not have a groups.yml file or am i screwed
  12. Do you have Vault? If you don't that might be an issue.
  13. electronicboy

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    it's pretty much impossible to expect that you're just going to be able to grab the perms file from one plugin and use it in anothers, that's why they have an import system, I'd highly suggest reading the documentation