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  1. I need help with essentialSigns i have remove the hashtags and gave the group the right permissions

    I am using 1.8 for both files for essentials and spigot Here is the config

    #- color
    #- balance
    - buy
    - sell
    #- trade
    - free
    #- disposal
    #- warp
    #- kit
    #- mail
    #- enchant
    #- gamemode
    #- heal
    #- info
    #- spawnmob
    #- repair
    #- time
    #- weather

    Please help
  2. Does it show any errors on your server console when the server is starting up?

    Does it say anything when you try to create or use the sign?
  3. It doesnt say anything in chat or on load up i dont know why it doesnt work.

    It works for Ops not not for none-ops try fixing it
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  4. Are you giving the right permissions to the players you want to be able to do this?
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  6. Try giving players permissions to essentials.signs.use.* and see if they can use Essentials signs.