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  1. I'm looking to an alternative to EssentialsX. Mainly because I dislike how Essentials economy is built in and cannot be removed.
    Anyone have any recommendations for 1.11.2?
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    If your issue is just with economy, EssentialsX does integrate with Vault so you can use another economy plugin instead.
  3. I plan to use my own custom economy plugin. I wouldn't mind disabling all of the economy commands, but with the disabled-commands section in the Essentials config I have to list every single alias for each economy command. If I try to remove all the economy commands from plugin.yml it breaks /help entirely.
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    You could just make a plugin which targets Essentials commands. getCommand(String command)#getAliases() in the PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent

    Maybe something like (not tested)

    Code (Java):
    PluginCommand commandName = ((JavaPlugin) Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("Essentials")).getCommand("CommandName");
    List<String> aliases = commandName.getAliases();
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  5. Just to mention, second post in a row about Essentials economy :eek:
    must be horrible?
  6. I have decided to go with this method. Thank you!
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