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    So what im trying to do is edit where it says "(Survival)"
    I can't remember if i edited this before, or if it is standard?

    How can i edit it in EssentialsX? Or is it another plugin changing it?


    Its EssentialsX if it matters btw


    I found out that is happens with default config files aswell :/
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  2. Did you check the config and try ctrl f and search for survival? maybe you can locate it like that :)
  3. 01v


    Yes, I already tried that. And it could not find anything.
    That's why i am soo confused :/
  4. is their is messages.yml?
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    There is no messages.yml files
  6. maybe that will work not sure :unsure:
  7. 01v


    Hmmm.... I'll check it out. Thanks
  8. There's a file for Essentials.
  9. Line 698 of Essentials config.yml or look for

    in that file. If it doesn't work, maybe your chat is being controlled by another plugin, in my case it is controlled by the TownyChat of the Towny plugin
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  10. 01v


    The problem does not occur when a player is typing. It appears in front of every Essentials message. Like for example "You set the spawn" or "Teleporting"

    My chat formatting is working just fine, and its just the messages received from Essentials that have that prefix.