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  1. EssentialsX, found a bug with the transfer of money from nick to nick, an example of my nick Mikaaa you go under the nickname mikaaa, and translate from new nick to nick money, and you leave him and go under the nickname Mikaaa, and there is the same account as on nick mikaaa, you translate from nick Mikaaa to nick Test, you leave from nick Mikaaa, and you go under the nickname mikaaa and transfer the same amount, help fix the bug I updated the plugin under the latest version!
  2. Use online mode.
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  3. There is no such possibility :(
    It's like something you can fix?
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  4. Yes, if you use online mode.
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    1. Open file
    2. Change online-mode from false to true
    3. ???
    4. Profit
    Please do not support piracy. Pay for the game.
  5. In all seriousness, the issue you're having is because you're allowing people to connect with the same name, only with different capitalization WHICH IS ONLY POSSIBLE IF YOU'RE NOT USING ONLINE MODE. That is going to mess with a lot of plugins. Expect to have tons of issues if you want to let people pirate the game to play on your server.
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  6. If you must run in offline mode, because you're using bungecord, then i guess you haven't properly configured things.
    premium players connect to bungeecord, and end up from there on the right server. But connecting directly to the servers shouldn't be possible (but yes, they run in offline mode i guess)

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