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    Essentials-Extras - Add cool features to your server.

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  2. Could you test this on 1.8?
  3. Yes, if you can test this with 1.8 and it works, I am willing to purchase! :)
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    Update 1

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  5. I just tested with spigot.1.8.8 and everything was running smooth with 0 errors and should run fine with lower versions (1.8.X)
  6. Just bought it.
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  7. work with 1.7.10?
  8. tested with spigot 1.7.10 and worked perfect.
  9. unfortunatly needs java 8, i have java 7 or i will buy it, becouse its a nice plugin
  10. suggestion, make it so its possible to have more then 54 homes kits and warps, i have about 100ish warps >.>
  11. Right now the max is 54. Once I finish a project I'll add pages for the gui's.
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    1.2 Update

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  13. Does this work with permmisions. I have some kits that are for other ranks and I don not wish some people to have them. Also does it work with paid commands like warp and kits. I have it so it coast money to uses some warps and kits.
  14. Yes, the kits are added in the gui depending if you have permissions to them. About the money charge, It should works fine because when you click the item for select a (kit, home or warp) you're making the player type the command /warp <name> so if you have something that charge for this, it will charge them.
  15. Awesome Just bought the Plugin. Is there a way to change the Item of a kit,home,warp With an item you have in your hand?
    Also essentials command /warp does not work with it.
  16. No, you can select an item for all kits (in the config), or change to true the boolean "random-items", this toggle will put different items in the gui.
    About the /warp, make sure that you have warps, and you have permissions to them.
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    Update 1.3

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  18. You can pm me if you want your server ip in the main page so other users can see it and test the plugin there.
  19. Sorry for being late but I had this plugin in other computer and I had no way to fix it. In the lastest version you can select the blocks that you want in the random gui so you wont have this error again. Your error was caused because the gui had a 1.8 item and you have a 1.7 server.