EssentialsX Issue

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Carbonyx, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Using EssentialsX on Spigot 1.10, hunger is maxed by the plugin at 9 shanks. There doesn't appear to be anything about this in the config. /feed raises hunger to 9 shanks. Help?
  2. Ummm... what in the world is a "shanks"?
  3. The unit of hunger in Minecraft is a shank. Your hunger bar has 10 shanks, they look like chicken thighs.
  4. Check you haven't got another plugin working against essentialsX, send a list of your plugins!
  5. Plugins-Better_Combat, Vault, Lockette, SimplePrefix, MoneyMobs, ProtocolLib, NametagEdit, Shop, CoreProtect, EssentialsX, EssentialsXChat, Customatab----All running on Spigot 1.10, no errors in console
  6. could u possibly show a vid of what happens (like doing the command feeding watever)
  7. yeah, lemme see
  8. Maybe it is a visual glitch? Have you tried restarting your minecraft?
  9. yeah, I frequently change versions for other servers, doesn't change anything and other players have complained of it too
  10. Yes, try doing /feed and then eating to test it, if you cant then yes its a visual glithc, if you can eeat then its not
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  11. It looks like /feed does fill it to the top
  12. I would also suggest trying that. If it still doesn't seem to work. I would suggest switching versions of essentials.
  13. :)
  14. So it works?
  15. The only thing that bothers me is that without using /feed, "max hunger" is one shank off

    It also appears to give me a very high level of saturation...hunger effect + sprint jumping for 30 seconds with no hunger loss at all
  16. Can you send a video of this happening so I can see exactly?
  17. yeah, might be a while since I'll need to redownload a sc software
  18. Uploading the clip of me jumping, sprinting, etc with hunger effect, and eating and using /feed