Solved EssentialsX Kits Lore Problem

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by GewoonRick, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. Hi all! Since upgrading upgrading EssentialsX to the latest version ( I'm having problems using lores in my kits.yml, they do work but not as expected. it was working on version with Spigot 1.14.4. I'm using Spigot 1.15.2

    (see the purple lines and no empty lines, which should be there because of the |)

    (ignore the enchants, older screenshot)

    (ignore formatting, it's correct in the yml file)
    Code (YAML):
    : 86400
       - leather_helmet 1 name:&bStarter_&7Helmet lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - leather_chestplate 1 name:&bStarter_&7Chestplate lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - leather_leggings 1 name:&bStarter_&7Leggings lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - leather_boots 1 name:&bStarter_&7Boots lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - stone_sword 1 name:&bStarter_&7Sword lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - stone_pickaxe 1 name:&bStarter_&7Pickaxe lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - stone_axe 1 name:&bStarter_&7Axe lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - stone_shovel 1 name:&bStarter_&7Shovel lore:|&8&m-&f_&bKit:_&7Starter|&8&m-&f_&bOwner:_&7{USERNAME}
        - cooked_beef 16
        - torch 4
  2. maybe it needs text before? Maybe try to put a colorcode before the first |,
  3. It's just a bug. Wait for the fix or try Tanguygab's solution.
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  4. Ah, thanks!
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