EssentialsX Stupidest thing ever.

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  1. I dunno anymore so I use essentialsX for nick names and suff and I use groupmanager for permissions and I got the defualt group called member and who ever is in that group cannot nick or use color code in chat like &4hello, but when you promote them to elite | the next rank up from defualt it allows you to use color code in chat and nick even though the elite rank has no permissions! What the heck why is essentialX giving every rank above from defualt /nick command and color codes &4Hello???!!!!!!
  2. I think you may have Set up your permissions plugin wrong, I have heard many problems with essentials but not that.
  3. Over the last few years I've moved away from EssentialsX and GroupManager to CMI and LuckPerms, you can always give that a try.

    But this does sound like it's a config issue with permissions.
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  4. Cmi is not free though. I recommend getting individual plugins for different functions as those usually better fit what you want like if you want color chat, get a chat management plugin
  5. Literally you don't have the correct permissions, read the wiki
  6. EssentialsX is generally a very clean, and well performing plugin, and like all plugins, it has its bugs. Once again, this doesn't sound at all like an Essentials issue, it sounds to me like a permissions issue. The essentials configuration is a long file, so I highly recommend reading through all of it, but also just take a look here: for the full list of Essentials permissions. (I also recommend LuckPerms, it's way better than GroupManager, and it's free!)
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  7. I already am hooked on to group manager, the thing is I think one reason is when I give them the permission essentials.nick, and essentials.nick.color | it gives them permission to use color in the chat too
  8. I'm unsure whether or not you read my reply or just said that you hooked into group manager, but either way, if people can do something you don't want them to be able to do, remove the permission node from them. In this case, you don't want people to be able to use colors in chat, so simply add
    Code (Text):
    to them, and set it to false.