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  1. I am looking for a plugin that will hook into EssentialsX and will display a gui of warps when a command is executed. Each warp is customisable and can be assigned an item. Must be 1.11 compatible.
    I need a plugin that can do this because it is for an in-game help area where each room has something about the server and is assigned a warp. The feature I need most is that players are able to search for a specific warp from the menu so they don't have to ask to find it or search through manually.

    If anyone can link me to a plugin that would be much appreciated.
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  2. This plugin doesn't have search functionality. It is only compatible with 1.12. It must be compatible with 1.11, sorry (edited my post)
  3. Please don't bump in the same day;

    but you can get a plugin called ChestCommands:
    And then configure the gui to put the command of 'warp: <warpname>' in the placeholders section (wide-variety of them).
  4. Yes but please don't reply if you haven't read my entire post. I clearly say it needs a search function. I already have DeluxeMenus as well.
  5. You won't find that - you will have to get a developer to create a plugin like that for you; no need to be rude. It will cost around 15-20 or most developers call it a 'medium plugin'.
  6. Thanks for the reply... i don't see how i was being rude but anyway.
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