Spigot EssentialsX 2.19.2

The essential plugin suite for Minecraft servers, now updated for Paper and Spigot 1.18.1

  1. Latest version works on 1.16.1, correct?
  2. Latest Dev Builds do (Jenkins)
  3. Towny is still telling me Essentials is having bug with town/nation balance, has this been fix ? Is it safe to use ?
  4. EssentialsX already supports 1.16 in the latest dev builds, which you can download from here: https://essentialsx.net/downloads.html

    I cannot get these dev builds to work myself either (just tried it), but EssentialsX 2.17.2 seems to be working correct for me.

    Using this combination everything seems to function:

    [08:55:19 INFO]: Server versie: 1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT git-Paper-79 (MC: 1.16.1)
    [08:55:19 INFO]: EssentialsX versie:
    [08:55:19 INFO]: GroupManager versie: 0.2.0
    [08:55:19 INFO]: Vault versie: 1.6.1
    [08:55:19 INFO]: Citizens versie: 2.0.27-SNAPSHOT (build 2041)
    [08:55:19 INFO]: EssentialsXChat versie:
    [08:55:19 INFO]: EssentialsXSpawn versie:
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  5. Is anyone having permission issues with /tp name?

    My mods can't teleport to players directly anymore.

    The have - essentials.tp.others
  6. Hi, I have a doubt. I'm creating a store, but it won't let me put the item I want to sell because it exceeds the number of characters allowed by the sign. I am doing it as follows.

    line 1: [buy]
    line 2: 1
    line 3: zombie_spawn_eg (here the problem is not enough to put the complete id <zombie_spawn_egg>)
    line 4: $ 4000

    If you can help me, I would appreciate it! I'm in version 1.16.1, so I can't use the old numeric IDs.

  7. do i need to delete my old config to get new features?
    If yes, is there a way to safe my settings, because the config is really big.
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  8. What is the best way to go about updating the config? That doesn't seem to be mentioned in the update.
  9. @hunnaG @Alry_FireBlade Personally, I would look through the new config options and manually add them in, with the same spacing as the rest of the config. (I did this with the one new setting that matters to me, and it works fine)

    @KevinCJS If you hold the item in your hand and type "/itemno" it will give you a list of names that Essentials accepts. I tried "zombspawn" and it works fine, so I'm sure the others would as well.

    Also, I'm loving the new /editsign feature. I was just wondering if there was a way to limit the command to signs in places where you have build access. I can prevent editing signs in server regions by blocking the command with WorldGuard, but when players claim land (GriefPrevention, Towny), their signs aren't protected from other people editing. Any ideas?
  10. The best way is to run a test server, let EssentialsX generate the config from scratch, then compare that to your existing config. Notepad++ has a plugin that will compare files, but Beyond Compare ($30) is better and is well worth the expense.

    You can do the same thing on a single server if you have to by renaming the config file first.
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  11. If i put silent join in the config, the players on join are have invisibility, why???
  12. @robi Do they have the permission "essentials.silentjoin.vanish" ? That would cause them to join in vanish (invisible) if you have silent join enabled.
  13. No es necesario eliminar la vieja configuracion
  14. What are the permissions (e.g. essentials.(thing)) that let people use /jail and /unjail? I looked on the essentialsX perms page and I could not find it myself.
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  16. Thank you for updating this
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  17. Hi ! How can i define the page in the book.txt please ? thanx
  18. If you answer an english question, then reply in english -,-