Estimated amount of players this can hold?

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  1. Hey! I am thinking of getting a setup like this for an all-out semi-custom factions server and I was wondering how much players this may be able to hold:

    E3-1271v3 CPU
    500GB Samsung Evo 840 Series SSD
    1GB Uplink
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    300 with optimization?
    That's one beast machine.
  3. Must have steroids. :p
  4. Sorry, the max I will use is up to 16gb of ram so consider me using 16gb of ram for the server.
    The other 16gb of ram will go dedicated to either the computer to process things or a development server.
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    At 16 GB of RAM, you will most likely be limited by RAM - so no more than 200 players.
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  6. That is completely false. You can easily hold up to 200 players on 5GB.

    @razorkings if you are only running 1 server, your cpu will be your bottleneck. Multiple servers would be fine (servers only use 1 cpu core).
  7. Actually my server will be using more then 1 core as I will be using plugins that take advantage of some cores. Along with the bottleneck which wont happen as i will be using ram intensive things I think i will be fine
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    completely false?

    easily hold up to 200 players on 5 GB?

    It really depends on the gamemode, and in this case it's Factions, which might take more than 5 GB unless he is restarting very frequently.
  9. Sure, but 200 players using 16gb would only happen if the server was modded. And even so on a rare occasion.
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