Spigot EternalBroadcast 1.2

The easiest to use Broadcast plugin!

  1. Seiju submitted a new resource:

    EternalBroadcast - The easiest to use Broadcast plugin!

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  2. Hey,I think it is a nice plugin.
    Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to https://www.mcbbs.net/portal.php?
    Many server owners are seeking good plugins there.
    I'll mark you as the author.
    I hope they can use the plugin.:)
  3. Hi, the translation can be done if users wish to themselves as all the messages are completely customizable.
    Please contact me on discord, I'd like to know more about that website.
  4. OK!
    mcbbs is the largest Minecraft community in China.
    It encourages players to translate some nice plugins/mods/maps.
    I want to share the nice plugin to other players.
    They maybe like it.
  5. Please contact me through Discord and we'll discuss this further.
  6. No,I don't use Discord.
    I think it's not necessary.
    Now I write the invitation to introduce your plugin.
    All download links are provided by you.
    I can't provide other download links.
    I told them not to claim the plugin as theirs.
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