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  1. Hello Spigoteers,

    I've been sitting with this for a while and honestly, I'm starting to get clueless.

    I wasn't against the EULA at all when it first came out, the idea of removing pay to win on the game to me was great, finally something to remove unfair ranks and such.

    Although I liked it at first, I feel like Mojang has taken it way to far. It's gotten to the point where you can't even allow voting anymore? I don't know if this is true but I presume it is since Hypixel removed their voting. That brings me to the thought of, how do they expect any server to start up if voting isn't allowed anymore? They just make it semi impossible for small servers to grow unless they throw money away on these overpriced "Advertisements"

    What has this game become? Honestly..?

    I'll just throw out my own opinion on the entirety of Minecraft in it's current and previous state.

    Certain servers sell ranks that are so overpriced that it should be illegal to ask that money for it. The base game of Minecraft costs what? 20$ now? Whilst some servers ask over 200$+ for a simple rank. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous? They sell things that are available in the main game that cost around 20$ for about 10x or more as much and get away with it. Meanwhile Mojang worries about voting?

    I hope you get my point. I find it simply baffling that Mojang ignores what is really the bad thing. The insane prices they ask for ranks. Meanwhile those servers stay on top because they don't need voting, they keep making money and growing and the smaller servers get screwed over by the EULA a lot more than the bigger ones.

    And guess what the fun thing is. In order to get anywhere with a starting server you have to ALSO throw hundreds out just to get started and get a decent playerbase. Since voting isn't allowed, how else are you gonna do it?

    I find it a bit insane that Mojang doesn't do anything about the insane amount of money that has to be given to get anywhere in the game. How are they against Voting, but not against owners having to spend hundreds just to get anywhere?

    And Yes, I get this whole "They are doing it to sell more Realm server" but lets face it, that won't happen anyway so don't mention it.

    I have no clue what Mojang is thinking in my honest opinion. How is paying with time hard currency? Might as well close down every minigame server because you're paying with time to get coins in order to get anything in-game.

    My question to you all is, what is your opinion on this and what is there to be done about it?

    I am gonna keep my server up no matter what the playercount is or whether I get donations or not, I just want to hear your opinion on this, do you think there is anything we can do to resolve this issue? Is there a backdoor to this all?

    Let me know,


    Keep in mind that this is MY opinion. No need to bash me for it, that isn't the point of this thread.
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  2. Interesting post, I've always believed in following the EULA, and if it comes to it don't rely on donations. I know the larger networks have trouble accepting it, but honestly a lot of people will still donate even if a server is not pay to win.
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  3. I agree to that. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind servers making money off of their work. But I don't get how Mojang let's that amount of money flow but wants to remove voting which has 0 to do with anything involving hard currency.
  4. I don't understand the removal of voting either, but interesting discussion to spark.
  5. I totally agree also what winds me up is only a select few have had a email about these new changes about voting etc but there is no mention on the official posts about monetisation of servers
  6. This is indeed a big issue. They are blacklisting servers but don't release the official "rules"?
  7. By rights the Official rules are the ones posted publicly for all to see, these emails are blatantly targeted to select servers one rule for one another for someone else otherwise why not post them publicly.
  8. Yeah, yet they are still enforcing it and it hasn't been published anywhere. What can we really do to stop it?
  9. I know it is a big issue if this was a court case it would be thrown out! How can someone abide by the rules if the rules are only given select few and contradicts the rules posted in open public for all to see and follow.
    And we have seen many attempted to get clarification from Mojang with sense.
    It is a shame that many servers got greedy and charged ridiculous amounts for ranks, kits boosts etc. But it is the few that spoilt it for the many and I understand why with reason they have started clamping down. But they also need to be clear what they are happy with servers doing. Not giving with one hand and taken away with the other it is almost like they are trying to entrap servers to break the EULA so they can be blocked.

    Also looking at the Email going around it seems to only cater for network servers which many servers are not our community may be small therefore not needing bungee cord to make a larger network or a hub one day maybe, but we are happy as we are with a great community which I am proud off and our members like to support us but as we are not a hub based server it does limit our options a but
  10. MineCove


    It's a level playing field. You can still have voting, just no individual incentives. That's how it is for everyone.
  11. Define individual incentives? I'm not native English so I have no clue what you mean by that haha.
  12. MineCove


    Everyone has to get the same rewards for each vote
  13. Everyone on my server gets money as well as a vote key but the vote key is more of a lottery style ticket that may give you a real vote key
  14. Has anyone here heard of MythCraft? That server gives you a crate key if you vote, and the crate has like a 0.1% chance to give you their lowest, 10$ rank. And yes, the ranks do have an unfair advantage over normal players (kits that give you better armor, more commands etc.) ALTHOUGH, you can technically get just as good armor with a lot of work, it's just quicker with the kit. This seems borderline for EULA, your thoughts?

    I've read the EULA, and it's confusing and sometimes contradicts itself. Does this server meet the EULA (it is a big enough server, or at least it was so I know it must have had to abide by it) because of giving people a chance to get a rank in a crate, or by not including exclusive content (other then items being named things like ''&dDonor Sword" etc.)?

    This makes me wonder if my server meets the EULA, I have it so that you also get crates by voting OR doing in-game quests and every item in the crate has an equal chance to be found. One of the items is 50 web points, which when accumulated enough can be used to purchase a rank or in-game currency (which you can of course also get in-game from all kinds of things). It's basically 50 points = 50 cents on the shop, and the lowest rank is only $5.00. Furthermore, almost all the perks are cosmetic (disguises, hub cosmetics sorta like mineplex's) but there are also kits like the ones I mentioned earlier in MythCraft (can still get the items in-game but harder). Also, there is a perk that players outright don't normally have access to, change the types of mob spawners.

    But between the crates that can let you get ranks without having to pay money or even vote and the fact that you could get types of mob spawners in-game from people who do have ranks, and the fact that you can get normal pig-spawners plus a few others in the shop I assumed my server was ok?

    Any thoughts? Thanks :)
  15. Your server seems very, very, very borderline. You COULD keep it that way and maybe get away with it, but I would recommend changing up a bit
  16. This is basically like the CSGOLotto issue & with gambling. Tbh, the EULA needs to be adjusted because the way it is right now is just unfair for most servers. Like you cannot sell better kits or things like that? Owners should do little upgrades to kits instead of giving protection 10000000 armor. But the thing about voting is like HOW ELSE ARE WE GONNA GET PLAYERS? Oh I guess we just pay websites 100s of 100s of dollars. But a question we might get asked by server owners are we gonna follow it? I am like hell no.
  17. Ok, have any ideas?
  18. Voting is allowed just so long as the rewards offered for it are entirely compliant.
  19. iLemon


    Why do Mojang care about voting? It's not like money is involved, its free - you literally just click a link and type your in-game name. Are parents contacting Mojang to complain that their children are voting.. (? lol)
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  20. MineCove


    Not compliant at all.

    It doesn't matter if the kit gives a 0.1% chance, 0.001% chance, or a 1%*10^-12 chance. If there is any feasibility of voting granting non-cosmetic rewards to a specific individual, it is not allowed.

    There is no 'borderline', there is only compliant and not compliant.
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