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  1. Their rationale is that people are "paying with their time."
  2. OK, thanks for letting me know.
    I'll reread the EULA and edit my shop soon!
  3. It's very simple really, anything that gives the buyer a gameplay advantage over a non buyer is not allowed.
  4. Offtopic, but in your signature, "Did I help your problem? Donate :)"
    Get money for helping people with problems...that's a new one
  5. Commonly done, therapists for example.
  6. Giving therapy is their job though, helping people on forums isn't your job xD
  7. That is why it's a donation not a fee. I don't see the point you're trying to make?
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  8. Not trying to make a point, just thought it was funny. Ill stop now :p
  9. Yes, but the question was more so if the player has a chance to gain the gameplay advantage in-game and/or from voting (or in some other way without having to spend money), does that therefore abide by the EULA? And the answer is probably not.
  10. Sadly, no. This is because some server would make it possible to get those items but within a time zone that would take you years so to speak. Which would defeat the purpose.
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  11. I'm going to address a couple things you mention in your post in an orderly fashion:

    When did voting ever help a small server? They get so little votes their efforts are insignificant.

    People should be able to sell ranks for whatever price they like. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy it. The argument is stupid. "servers are selling $300+ ranks! So the EULA has some good impact". Those servers can continue selling expensive ranks under the EULA regardless. I can sell a used cardboard box for a million dollars but that doesn't mean you are going to buy it.
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  12. Voting does help smaller servers. It may not be visible to people who have already managed to get a decent playerbase, but every starting owner sees that it does bring in players, even if it's a small amount.

    And yes, they are allowed to charge anything they want, my point was that Mojang has something against people spending time to vote, but not against the ridiculous amount of money that gets transferred. And yes, people do buy some of these ranks.

    Does it make total sense for you that they would be against voting but not the insane amount of money for ranks? To me it doesn't.
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  13. Lol, speaking from experience it really doesn't help. Oh, maybe it's brought in two or three to my server, which is worth having the server on the lists, but the effect is minimal. It takes players to get players, making it difficult to start up.
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  14. Of course people buy these ranks! They wouldn't exist if their wasn't a market for them. Currently, it seems Mojang justwants to get rid of unfair advantages, and tbh getting rid of voting advantages makes sense to me. Their are many players that outright just don't want to vote for any server, and so they suffer by missing out on those advantages. Now, you can work around the vote problems with cosmetics (which is BS, since we are suppose to sell them, and now we're suppose to also give them away in vote rewards, but whatever, their are ways to work around that), and you can do vote parties.

    Now, everything I stated above doesn't mean I agree with what Mojang is doing. I personally think getting involved in voting is complete bs. (I mean, the EULA is complete BS, but theirs a decent amount of logic behind it, unlike voting). -- Just my personal opinions and input.
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  15. If I dont wanna mine diamonds, should I also get them for free because I outright just don't want to mine?
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  16. I've read the EULA multiple times now and seen quite some threads about this. This is my opinion.

    Before the enforcement of the EULA everything was good. Servers could still make money and Mojang had their EULA in case something went horribly wrong with servers. Many people didn't like pay to win servers and the ranks are pretty expensive. But if you don't want to pay for it, then don't. If you feel like you got a disadvantage by not paying for that server, then look for another server which doesn't give players without ranks a disadvantage. There were plenty of good servers where you could have fun without paying.

    But then the EULA enforcement came. There were a lot of people who liked pay to win servers to be removed. I don't feel like that was necessary, but some apparently did. Some time passed by and servers were being blacklisted. There is currently complete chaos, people all have different opinions on this, a lot of players don't know what's happening and more videos, texts etc. came with people's opinion on the EULA. And that's how it is today. This is what I think is going on.

    Mojang saw how much server owners earned and how some things were unfair. They want profit of this. A server owner just payed €20 (don't know the amount of dollars) and gets enough money to life from. They needed a way to get more money. Do you still remember that poll about how you feel about servers? I participated in it and they asked questions like: What do you like about servers?, What don"t you like about servers?, Which one of these servers do you play on?, How much do you play on servers? etc. This all played a role in improving their Minecraft Realms. That's my next point.

    If you ask me they created Minecraft Reamls hoping people would start using that to play on servers where they earned from. That currently isn't very good though. Minecraft Realms is just not good enough, people can't use plugins to create minigames or customize their experience to their liking. It's good for survival servers which don't need all this. But more people like minigames than survival. They still wanted money though and instead of improving their Minecraft Realms they gave everyone a thirty day free sample, hoping people would see how cool Minecraft Realms is and use it.

    Mojang saw that this was not going to work and started to blacklist servers. Now everyone's favorite pay to win server was blacklisted and they needed to find alternatives. I really dislike the way they handle this though. When connecting to a server you just get a network error and they don't tell you that this server was blacklisted.

    Server owners saw that they were getting serious and were trying to fix their servers and some were removed from the blacklist. People were happy again and could start earning money again. Except, that Mojang kept removing things which were allowed to the point that most things aren't allowed. Even things which don't give you an advantage. Currently they are making every server owner's life harder and nearly impossible.

    Mojang went one step further; in a blog post they announced that maps based of real life products, like movies, books etc. were not allowed anymore. Servers deleted those maps and people couldn't make maps of Star Wars, Maze Runner, etc. (just some things I could think of). People were annoyed, but it went silent. People stopped talking about it and most people don't know it happened.

    So I think that Mojang wants more money. But they are doing it wrong if you ask me. This is what I think they should do:
    1. Clear up the EULA and give clear instructions as to what is allowed and what isn't and clarify why. Currently nobody knows what is allowed and what not and people are confused. The people who handle the mails and give clarification about the EULA have too mich work and don't always want to help the user.
    2. Tell your players what really is going on and why. Currently everybody is confused on what is happening and people have no idea on what is true and what not. This is extremely annoying for everyone and does not give an advantage to the players nor Mojang. Giving a good detailed post ehich explains what they're up to would really help.
    3. Be honest. In every single one of their blog post they were pretending to be nice. In the post saying that servers may notnbe pay to win they said that servers are now allowed to make money just like youtubers already were allowed to. This is totally not what's happening and just makes everything confusing. This was btw not the only blog post where they were pretending to be good.
    I totally accept that they want money so this is what I think would benefit both parties.
    1. Make deals with software that makes it possible to sell stuff. Popular plugins that are used by a wide range of servers could benefit you. Make deals so you get a portion of it. Servers don't need to pay extra money and Mojang gets their money as well. Of course making deals could be hard, but they can also make their own plugin which does this which is superior than the others.
    If you're going the way most people are afraid of; stopping MutliPlayer and replacing it with Minecraft Realms, please consider these things:
    1. Options to choose the minecraft version you want your server on. 1.8.8 is the most used minecraft version for servers according to Realms has no way to change the version and limits the player to be on version 1.10.2.
    2. Allow a form of plugins. People love customization and plugins are a great way of doing so. This would inspire many people to start using Minecraft Realms and if you add cool thinhs we currently can't do, you will certainly get a lot of users of Minecraft Realms.
    3. Allow the usage of connecting multiple servers. At this moment multiple servers are a must for most larger networks and by allowing a way to do this will help both the owners as you, Mojang.
    4. Allow more ways to make money of your server. Currently making a server is possible to do with no money, however Minecraft Realms costs money. By allowing more ways to get money of your server you would give more players the opportunity to start their own server.
    I hate to say it, but I think replacing Multiplayer with Minecraft Realms is the way to go as long as you follow the points I've mentioned above.
    Or stop reinforcing the EULA, but that's probably not going to happen.

    Minecraft realms can become a great opportunity for everybody to enjoy Minecraft again and forgot this entire thing, you just got to make it work Mojang.

    Let me know your opinions on this and tell me if you agree with the things I said, I am sure we can find ways to both please server owners and please Mojang.
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  17. If they would remove the multiplayer aspect of minecraft than they are signing their death note when it comes to half or more of it's playerbase. Realms just can't handle what a dedicated box can handle for example. Server would be small and not have enough performance for bigger servers which we all love and adore. And if they would get better servers than the price would go up and in trade again have less costumers.
  18. MineCove


    The first part of your post was an unnecessary timeline, so my quote begins where your opinion does.

    My opinion

    1. I know what is and is not allowed. I just don't like that it's inconsistent. I speak for more than myself.
    2. They said why they were enforcing the EULA. Conspiracies left and right sprung up, some more reasonable than others. Fact of the matter is - People will believe what they want to no matter what they're told
    3. PR

    1. So a fee from plugin developers? A drop in the bucket. From servers? Good luck regulating that one.

    1 - 4. So exactly like we have now, except everyone is hosted off Minecraft Realms machines (lesser quality, higher expense). Would be the only way for Minecraft to skim off the top the way I see it.
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  19. @Stef hell of a post!

    Yeah, I agree the EULA (at least when it first came out) is in general ridiculous. It was brought about because a few idiot parents let their idiot kids use their credit cards to waste hundreds of dollars in in-game purchases.

    On the other hand, I fully agree that their should be some kind of EULA or other restriction limiting just what servers can sell as I also believe servers shouldn't be pay2win/pay2play and (more importantly) and how much they can price their items and such restrictions so we don't have another dangerously addicting money-draining game.

    Did Mojang/Microsoft do the right thing?
    Although they attempted to address these issues in the EULA, it clearly hasn't helped anyone. I feel they restricted the wrong things and/or to the wrong degree of enforcement. Also, as I said before, it's difficult to understand and contradicts itself.
  20. In my opinion, I am completely against Pay to win. But I find it unfair that you can't sell anything item wise. Whats wrong with selling a diamond sword? Nothing because people can get it legit in a fair amount of time, yet it isn't allowed.

    I feel like it should be allowed to sell stuff that is obtainable by non buyers withing a decent amount of time.
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