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  1. My understanding of the EULA is that, in essence, giving any player an advantage over another player for donating is illegal, in any form. However, I had a server concept that might avoid this issue. It's a tad questionable, though, so I'd appreciate a second opinion.

    To simplify the idea, the server would be all of the players vs an AI enemy. The goal of the players is simple: Kill the enemy. Now, let's say that there was a donation perk that increased the amount of damage that a player did to the enemy. Since the goal of all the players is to kill the enemy, this would be helping all of the players equally to achieve their goal: Kill the enemy (the goal is a team goal, not individual). I know that this is questionable, but is it possible that this would be EULA compliant?

    Also, I'm curious whether any of you know any more about the enforcement of the EULA. I've seen multiple servers making thousands of dollars off of non-compliant perks, with not so much as a warning from Microsoft/Mojang. Is the EULA even being enforced?
  2. No. (To both questions.)
  3. So one person buys for the whole team so the can kill NPC better?
  4. I don't think that would be allowed because it is still making one player more powerful than the others even if they are on the same team aiming for the same target.
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  5. The EULA is being quite clear about 'no actual perks for money' concerning players vs. each other. The 'unless everyone gets the same' part offers you a way to still make perks in exchange for donations possible, in terms of giving 'everyone playing on that very server right now' perks, as long as they all receive those perks, regardless if they have paid or not. Proxies/bungee doesn't count for multiple servers, just what the player connects manually to.

    In your case, all (online) players are one team? If all (online) players get the perks for that game vs. the AI, then it needn't be a problem. Question is, if you really need the donator to slay the dragon explicitly, because usually you don't see who hit it last time anyway, so you could give some (less op) perk to all online players.

    Your suggestion looks like a gray zone, but in clarifications of the EULA the 'all get the same gameplay perks' aspect is usually mentioned, so it would be quite some risk, if you made actual money with it.
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