Eula Compliant way of Giving Fly?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Manuissexy, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Hi there, is there anyway I can give users who've donated /fly while following the EULA. I see other servers, even big servers, giving users /fly. Surely they aren't all breaking the EULA and risking losing their server? Mojang explicity says that /fly is a game affecting perk and cannot be bought with hard currency.
  2. Selling fly in lobbies is fine as far as I know. That doesn't affect anyone's gameplay really, if that's what you mean. What servers have you seen this on?
  3. Your picture has the awnser:D
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  4. B6Q


    If you give temp /fly as a voting perk, I'm pretty sure that you could sell it on the store.
  5. Strahan


    Temporary or not, giving /fly is an advantage non paying users do not get so it would be a EULA violation. Unless it's like Mr Dienns said, in an environment where you aren't really playing.

    Just because other servers haven't been hit with the ban hammer yet doesn't make it legit.
  6. I've definitely seen this done. I believe does this, and they're proud of the fact that they're EULA compliant.
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  7. Once it doesn't give an advantage over other players it should be fine. Although it's a pretty grey area because it could be considered by a few people as an advantage when it really isn't.
  8. Strahan


    If you are actually playing the game, how is flight not an advantage?
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  9. You could argue that if you are playing on a freebuild world or something where there is no real competition it is not an advantage and just a time saver. Same as Hypixel allows VIPs to instantly scrap all common items in warlords etc. which could be considered an advantage.
  10. Strahan


    Exactly - an advantage :D
  11. I know however apparently on Hypixel it is allowed. VIPs are also able to choose maps etc. which can also be an advantage. I guess as long as you are not selling something that helps you win (kits, upgrades etc.) Mojang is fine with it.
  12. I would just like to point out that Hypixel is not Mojang. Just because Hypixel does something, that doesn't mean Mojang likes it. It could also be that Hypixel came to an agreement behind the scenes where they specifically were allowed to operate in this way way, and Mojang agreed to allow that. This does not mean that every server can do the same.

    The terms are clear - no gameplay changing features for sale that give players advantage over others who don't pay. I doubt Mojang will retract a cease and desist letter on the basis of, "But Hypixel does it!" That's between Hypixel and Mojang, you would not be involved if thast cones up between them, so the excuse is pointless.
  13. That'd be shady as hell and I'd lose every single bit of respect I have left for Mojang if they did that. I bet they have some kind of contact, and I'm sure Hypixel is probably on the exact edge of what is allowed, but I really hope for Mojang they're not giving them special privileges. Hypixel is the largest server there is, if you ask me, if there's any server Mojang would keep an eye on to see if they follow the eula, it'd be Hypixel (or any other major server).

    If Mojang really does give Hypixel special privileges in terms of eula, would that even be legal? Like, they have an agreement, can they just tell this one party to ignore the eula or give special privileges compared to other servers? Unless Hypixel literally paid Mojang a crap ton to give them a custom agreement, but even that seems like an absolute ridiculous move from Mojang.
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  14. I agree. I don't think Hypixel is getting special privileges and I think if Hypixel does something you should be able to do the same without being afraid of violating the EULA. I bet that Mojang and Hypixel have been talking with each other and that Mojang is paying close attention. With Hypixel being the biggest server you can probably bet that their features are compliant with the EULA.
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  15. Does anyone know of a plugin that allows me to give temporary commands? E.g if you vote you get 5 hours of /fly. How would I go about doing this? Also, a server I like lets users with commands like /fly give another user /fly for an allotted time with a cooldown. Any plugins for either of these features?
  16. Yes. Exactly my thought, hence why I said I think they do have contact with each other. I bet Hypixel frequently asked (maybe still do) Mojang about if their new features are allowed, hence why I think Hypixel is on the edge of what is allowed by the EULA and what isn't.

    Instead of temporarily giving people access to commands, I would temporarily add them to groups, which in return, give you access to commands. It may however be somewhat different with togglable commands such as fly... Plugins such as zPerms, LuckPerms or PermissionsEx may support this.
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  17. Strahan


    Of course it is. The EULA is a legal construct created by Mojang, not the government. As such, they are not bound by it other than any responsibilities that are outlined on their part. If you read the EULA, you'll see even those scant few responsibilities are are intentionally worded so as to leave it up to Mojang as to whether or not they need to fulfill them. As it is their product and their contract, they are free to give other entities specific privileges not afforded others.

    Yea that would be nice, but it doesn't work that way. No matter how much you wish something to be true, wishing isn't reality :)
  18. give fly to everyone
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  19. Do you know how I could do this automatically though?
  20. I've been thinking about doing this. Maybe I could let donators use /speed, would that be EULA compliant guys?
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