Eula Compliant?

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  1. So I understand the basics of the EULA but I am making a creative server for a friend, and am I allowed to let people Buy pets, Buckets, worldedit, sethome type stuff or is it all non EULA compliant
  2. Your allowing people to buy buckets in a creative server? cant they spawn dat in wot... Also everything you listen is non-eula compliant except for the pets part, even though its a creative server...

    I think xD
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  3. I'm not sure about WE but ik /sethome isn't allowed. If it is in an ingame shop I am pretty sure it is all EULA compliant.
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    you are not allowed to sell gameplay features, buckets, worldedit and homes are gameplay features.
  5. What about with ingame money isn't that allowed.
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    as long as you don't sell ingame money for real money it should be ok.
  7. Okay, what If u made a ranking system and players earn those items through that ranking system?
  8. You Can Sell all of that stuff if... you make it a chance to be free for example Mineplexs chest.... You have a chance to get a rank for free but they arnt Required to buy it.... i think that would work and thats how mineplex keep mostly EULA compliant and a Runnable/Profitable server
  9. WorldEdit gives users an advantage by being able to construct things in a faster and easier way. It also gives users access to blocks that players using Creative Mode can't access. I believe that's against EULA, but I'm not too sure.