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  1. Hello there,

    since the Eula forbid to sell certain items Ingame for money like tools food armour, would it be allowed if I let players buy keys ingame for opening special crates and also sell the keys on the website and add keys to ranks ? There would not be a disadvantage since the Keyes could be bought ingame?

    correct me if I am wrong. And you do you get around the Eula for this kind of selling options ? :)
  2. Phoenix616

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    I suggest reading the EULA and additionally contact your lawyer (which I hope you have as you seem to intend to run a business...) as nobody here is qualified to give you any proper input on this.

    Also my personal opinion is that you should really not sell loot crates and gambling to kids...
  3. Hmm, I won't call it a business, I just want a way for me to keep upgrading my server hardware for better gameplay for the players. Atm we don't really need upgrading but I like to know witch options I have to get some cashflow going, I'm not interested for profit. But you got a good point on gambling and kids.. I thank you for your answer! I will keep this in mind!
  4. Phoenix616

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    If you sell products it's a business. If you want to call it donations you can't really give anything in return...
  5. You will never get a legitimate answer on here. There are a significant number of what I affectionately call "EULA Hawks" that will immediately take everything you are interested in doing and turn it against you. Do some research, go and play on some populated servers and see what they are doing. You will likely find you can "get away" with a significant amount of monetization stuff before you run into trouble.

    I am obviously not advocating for violating Mojang's TOS. There is likely something that we (not being lawyers) do not comprehend in the exact wording of the EULA that servers with thousands of average daily players (and that have legal representation) do.
  6. You're basically asking for legal advice, which breaks rule 10.2. Like Phoenix said, you should consider either figuring it out yourself by reading the Mojang EULA or by contacting a lawyer.
  7. First of all you should read the EULA, and contact a lawyer. If contacting a lawyer is no option, i would reccomend not doing that it is still giving people an advantage by selling the crate for irl money. The EULA asks for you to not sell advantages for irl currencies. This means that if the crates give an advantage such as better armor, swords, food, blocks, exp or anything that changes the gameplay and is sold for irl money it is breaking the EULA, however if the crate only gives cosmetic items like player particles, skins for items (if you have an resourcepack), donorchat or anything that doesnt generally modify gameplay by giving them an advantage if they spent irl currencies then it is legal. Since you are selling the crate for irl money and ingame money it is technically breaking the EULA, because people can just buy their way up by buying crates and getting loot for that, if it is only cosmetic loot that you get it's going to be legal, still I am however not qualified to give legal advice, like stated by Creeprr & SeanP. You should contact a lawyer. Hope this helps.

    - Kind regards a fellow EULA respecting owner/dev Senku
  8. i did remove to option to buy crates with irl Money. instead i use vote rewards. player get "votekey" with that key they can open the vote crate in server of their liking. if i remeber this should be fine for EULA since everyone gets access to this key. correct me if wrong, did not yet implement this in to the server
  9. Yes voting is a great way to hand out crates, as stated contact a lawyer as i am not qualifed to give legal advice but from my research voting crates should allowed as long as no irl currencies are involved
  10. mkay thanks :)