EULA does blacklist affect on 1.8 servers?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Scarpa18, May 26, 2017.

  1. I read in some old threads that blacklist server from Mojang it doesn't affect to servers version 1.8 (I read that thing in 20 of may of 2016).

    I.m making a Factions server that wouldn't survive without P2W features (Or well I don't think so that players wanna donate for nothing?)(I think I'll have average 45players due to some friends)

    Sorry for poorly post !!
  2. Gaxan


    They started enforcing the Eula with 1.7.10. So yes it effects 1.8 versions.
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  3. Any server is affected by EULA, however Mojang can only blacklist servers running 1.7+.
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  4. Thank you both, damn it. With a average 45 players would Mojang f*** me? I really need donation.

    My plan is invest my money, recover my money and keep the server on :S. (And If profit, a custom mode in my head :D)
  5. As long as your server doesn't get really big, you should be fine. But encourage your players to use SquidHQ in case you get blacklisted then you're covered a little already. You can also reward people for using squidhq using their plugin.
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  6. Excellent. Thanks. I'll reward people with SquidHQ. A question, is 100% safe? that there is not account steel?

    I mean if we must have faith in that or there is evidence that they don't steel MC Accounts? Thanks!

    SORRY, Englihs isn't my native language.
  7. I use it and it doesn't steal my account. :)