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Discussion in 'Drama' started by Aschorren, May 26, 2016.

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  1. Aschorren



    First, I'd like to clarify that in fact this thread is not drama and in fact is supposed to spark meaningful discussion about the enforcement and hiding strategies that certain servers are using.

    I'm creating this thread in order to discuss the injustice currently going on with the enforcement strategy which is being used in order to blacklist servers.

    It feels extremely unfair to me that still 4 of the 16 top voted servers on (25%) are still non-compliant and have yet to face repercussions while dozens of other servers, most significantly smaller and some larger, have. (previously #5) #8 #9 #10

    Certain servers, such as Lemon Cloud, have decided to literally remove themselves from in an attempt to hide themselves from Mojang. Surprisingly enough, I can only assume it is working because each server that was previously 2 positions above them and 2 positions below them was blacklisted.

    The problem is several large servers continue to offer pay to win perks while the rest of the large servers are being forced to follow the strict commercialization guidelines. The servers which somehow have yet to be punished are in fact undermining the value of the ranks on the servers which are following the guidelines and they're completely getting away with it.

    In my observation of several large compliant servers, certain players literally ask questions along the lines of...
    • "Why should I buy disguises and pets when I can get awesome items on ExampleCraft?"
    • "The ranks on this server aren't worth it."
    • "Can you add [pay to win perks] to the [rankname] rank?"
    I personally am an advocate for the EULA and commercialization agreement and am impressed with the crystal clear communication on Mojang's part for all but the execution of these blacklists.

    Why should certain servers which are playing by Mojang's rules in fact face a massive disadvantage against the ones who are sneakily and dishonorably hiding from Mojang?

    I'm extremely interested in hearing what people have to say about this topic.

    Please only comment if you've done your research regarding this issue and having a meaningful comment to add which has not been added in previous posts.
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  2. It is very unfair, also when they wouldn't answer our questions in the beginning. It's just like they want Minecraft to die.
  3. Aschorren


    I wouldn't say they want Minecraft to die but it's certainly extremely unfair and disadvantageous to the parties who are trying to follow the rules and who have been transparent the entire time.
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  4. $ can't blame peoples from doing them.
  5. Aschorren


    Your comment is incomprehensible.
  6. I can only imagine that these servers will eventually be looked at and/or contacted. I guess the sheer amount of servers, reports and the limited resources/staff they have could all be contributing to this less than blanketed approach.

    Day 12 since we submitted questions about the EULA to the enforcement team. Either we're currently being glossed over or their backlog of emails is incredible.
  7. PhanaticD


    report their asses
  8. Because Mojang could easily abuse their fanboys in order to do whatever they want. Currently I am assuming Mojang "changed" their EULA couple years ago in order to grant their permission to shut down any medium/large server while they can secretly support two or three servers that they want to see. Mojang also asked the Mr helpdesk pro, Brandon, to talk about nothing. He answer our questions, and here's a TL;DR.

    My guess is nearly all server will shorten the lifespan of the game itself because fast-paced server (factions/minigames) will easily make players to get bored with the gamemode, even the game. This also explains Mojang give almost zero support to mods and no support to bukkit at all.
  9. From what I see, Mojang have gone quiet. After checking the twitter handle @BlockedServers daily, I see that there haven't been any updates in the last 6 days. There have also not been any additional blocks to any server or IP for the last 13 days which seems kinda odd to me considering they seemed to combat the offenders a few weeks ago as much as possible my blocking alias domains and such.

    What my question is, are they even bothering to enforce it anymore? I suspect they are as they've come way to far to retract everything however they'll just go after the big servers in hopes that they comply and the smaller servers follow along.
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  10. Mojang, Mojang, Mojang... What a giant hole you have dug yourself in. Ether you can't tell why players buy ranks or you don't care about all the hundreds of thousands that server owners put into servers. Honestly Mojang, a lot of big major server owners (The Archon and Primemc), say you don't even reply to them, they have to wait weeks, then you block them, do you even care?! I only play mc for the servers, so if they go... I will stop playing, so will hundred of players. Who cares about mc if their is no community, we will go to roblox, not really xD kinda sucks, but we will find another game. Mojang take us serious for one second.

    What lemoncloud is doing is genius, honestly great. That guy is smart, he use the method that Mojang blocks server with and removes himself from the picture. Full pros to @iLemon, I don't really care it's not fair use, it's just genius.

    The eula is good but really unfair at the same time. I agree with half of what it says, but the other half, geez... "No allowing VIP's to fly in lobbies", why? This is just stupid. I agree with no pay to win, but they are taken that way to far.

    Well you just read my whole rant xD Sorry I put you through that :p
  11. LemonCloud is just delaying, it will eventually get Mojangs attention xD or it will get less new players, then decrease in size because its not on the sites (then mojang wont care anymore if its eula complient or not)
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  12. Mojang will still care whether they have 500 players or 5.
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  13. iLemon


    That's not the case. I placed a bid on an auction but didn't pay so I was banned from the site. I didn't remove my server 'in an attempt to hide'. My developers are working on an EULA compliant system so I can comply. I haven't even been contacted yet and because of this, I recently emailed the enforcement team myself to get in contact, in case someone is impersonating me.

    Don't accuse me of something when you don't know proper facts, @Aschorren.
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  14. This is just a case of life is unfair, take online piracy for example, it has become such a common place activity on the internet it gets overlooked, probably by many of the people on this very website.

    How it is fair that people have gone 15+ years and will probably continue to go for many years getting movies, shows, programs, etc for free while other have to pay for them.

    Take Xenforo for example, I know for a fact that a large portion of the Minecraft servers have a cracked version of it.

    Punishment will not be dished out evenly, EVER
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  15. dtm

    dtm Retired Moderator
    Retired Supporter

    Eh, I sort of agree with you, however not in the context of this thread. For example, we're on this thread for 'avoiding it' and 'hiding from it', when it's simply not the case. We've actually already reached out to Mojang ourselves as we weren't contacted.

    A lot of it is more to do with how Mojang are executing this as apposed to the server owners being at fault, they'll only do what they've always done which is carry on as they once did: without restriction. Mojang went about it in such a slow manner from when they first introduced it to the point now where they're blacklisting servers.

    I do agree that punishment is never dished out evenly, but again - in this context I don't feel any of those servers, especially ourselves, are worthy of a punishment? We've reached out to do the right thing.
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  16. The problem with the community these days is the fact that people want to know everything. It's nobody's business but yours (Lemon Cloud) and Mojang as to how this is handled. If what you're saying is true then I commend you for stepping up, if not then that's not my business.

    As a top tier server you guys will obviously have your fans and your enemies, people like to play politics and like to be in the business of people that are in the spotlight (take Hollywood celebrities for example or larger businesses that are getting accused of not following a moral principle or whatever).

    It's up to you guys as to how to address the people that follow you so your reputation can be upheld.
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  17. Aschorren


    It becomes everyone's business when the servers who still have not followed the commercialization guidelines undermine the perks on the servers who have taken the proper steps in complying with the EULA and commercialization agreements.

    I know for a fact that each top server that I mentioned in the thread was well aware of the commercialization agreement enforcement going on and they chose not to abide it. Their failure to comply has actually reaped a world of benefits for them and the servers who did follow the rules are at a disadvantage because of it.

    This thread is about poor enforcement execution as a whole, not just about Lemon Cloud, and it's an ridiculous to state that this thread is some form of drama or celebrity accusation.
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  18. I do not see how this is in topic or relateable to the current subject. Also those "many people" you talk about, probably pay cable every mouth. I only pirate since it is simpler for me, but I could watch tv at 8pm every week or watch it when ever I want. As about movies, I don't really pirate them, I just go to the cinema :p
  19. I'm saying if you're on the other side of what's going and you're actively trying to fix the issue then you don't want people hounding you about it. I never once did state that this was a "form of drama" or "celebrity accusation." I said that because you and others consider them of higher standard than your normal server which means they have more eyes on them. Why haven't you gone out and policed the smaller servers that are breaking these rules? You've only mentioned the larger servers.

    Look at it from their perspective, if they're actively trying to fix an issue then it's troublesome to them to be accused of doing the opposite.

    I'm not trying to argue with you but I didn't make accusations or belittle your very valid points and I feel like you're attacking me, so don't take offense to my reply, I'm just explaining from my view. And I agree with you, all servers should comply, but its not the right place to comment on this in public, it should instead be handled professionally by directly contacting the handler of the issue or the accused party.

    It's relates because both subjects regard the breaking of rules and them not being handled properly. To comment on what you said, just because piracy makes it simpler for you doesn't mean it makes it right. It would be much simpler for me to take money out of the cash register at work than to work but that doesn't happen.
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  20. Everyone sees your point, but to be perfectly honest, you don't have access to the communication medium that Mojang uses for other servers. Unless you can explicitly show that Mojang gave extra lenience by way of email to a larger server then you're just making assumptions. EULA enforcement is still very much so a new thing, there are thousands of servers out there and there are very few brand ambassadors. To be honest with you, I don't agree with the EULA, but let's be real here, this thread won't amount to much unless you can prove your claims with emails.

    Edit: Also, I might add that based on your examples, if people are really leaving your server so that they can pay for more advantageous pay to win perks elsewhere, then you have a bigger problem on your hands than the competition.
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