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  1. Hey everyone, recently I've been looking into ways to make my server EULA compliant if the day comes where my server get blacklisted. While reading the terms I noticed this about "hard currency":

    Now, I was wondering would this be superseded if a user bought a package that gave every player on the server the same amount of "hard currency" as this rule states:

    Kinda seems like a gray area in my opinion and was wondering if anyone else could shine a light on the situation :p
  2. Welp that means hypixel is not eula compliant according to the second question lol
  3. Never even thought of that, but after looking at it they aren't complying as boosters are only for specific games, and according to Mojang a server is defined as a single instance someone connects to (meaning networks). So by having specific boosters per game, they're really not complying.
  4. But as a side back to that, it is available for everyone that is connected not just the users in that game.
  5. No its not, boosters are for specific mini-games however this is Mojangs definition of a server:

    And according to this:

    It doesn't in fact affect the "entire" server only specific mini-games. However I'm getting off topic and am curious as to rewarding everyone on the server with a hard currency :p
  6. What Hypixel does might not fit to the definition of Mojang but if you do so as well I doubt they will say anything against it. Hypixel also added a boost of experience and coins per game when VIPs where in the game, so that shouldn't be allowed either. But I think what they mean is that you aren't allowed to enable that booster on VIP only servers or servers that are in control of the one who purchased the booster. I think that is their intention.

    On topic: I think that might work because that is like a global booster. The effect applies just instantly and not over a given time.
  7. Hypixel's boosters are EULA compliant, they sell a, for example, "skywars booster" which is applied to all players connected to their entire proxy. It's your own fault if you're not playing skywars.
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    As far as I can tell, Hypixel is fully EULA compliant now. People like to say it's not, but I think that's because they don't quite know how everything works on there... or maybe I'm missing something.
  9. Is it your fault if you weren't moved into a lobby with VIPs at random and you don't receive a boost of coins and exp? I mean for me it is fine but it looks pretty grey for me.
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    It lets everyone know in the game menu that a network booster is active, so it's up to the player to decide whether or not they want to take advantage of it.

    It's no different to giving everyone the chance to type /givemecredits after someone buys 1,000 global credits and then a few of them not typing it.
  11. I'm talking about the boost of coins you receive per vip or higher in your current game lobby. At the end of a warlords round it says: +... coins (3x VIPs or higher). And because joining a lobby is random you can't control what boost you receive. But afaik VIPs always receive their boost if they are in a lobby.
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    You're not gaining an advantage to the players you're with though, so I guess you're sort of right. Grey area for people who don't fanboy over me.
  13. minecraft is gonna change
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  14. Most small servers are gonna die, its going to be harsh