Eula info nugget (Allowed/Disallowed perks/Blacklist Bypass)

Discussion in 'Drama' started by MineCove, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. MineCove


    If you are currently blacklisted, have future concerns about being blacklisted, or wish to expand your options, please refer to this post.

    Have some (possibly) enlightening info to help discern what's allowed/not allowed, hope it helps!

    Here is a list of useful posts in this topic (So you don't need to dig through 10 pages of opinions/nonsense)

    Also check this topic by @Shortninja66 for further information on vote reward restrictions
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  2. -Access to additional or larger plots on creative mode servers.

    Oh my lord, didn't know that. PlotSquared might actually be a good way to earn money then (#proud)
  3. I thought we agreed this was not allowed?
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  4. MineCove


    Appears it is now
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  5. MineCove


    Quoting the blogpost

    My interpretation is that it is a violation
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  6. Thank you for this post! I am finishing coding my server with some friends and we are about to make it public and this is some great info.
  7. But it's not, Mojang still don't 100% know their own rules. Mojang personally work with Hypixel as you'd expect so they get everything approved by Mojang.
  8. Can the enforcement team stop changing their minds on this stufF?

    Looks like HCF servers are going to die as selling unbans or shorter deathbans are now not allowed.

    Additionally, most factions servers who attempted to survive and comply are doomed as "global supply" drops are no longer allowed. @Vaquxine this may be of interest to you as it relates to Space Flares.
  9. I'm really sad to even see posts like this, Minecraft had so much potential
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  10. andrewkm

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    New deadline is July 31st.
    More blacklisting coming August (or sooner).

    - from Mojang.
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  11. So servers which were previously compliant are now going to be blacklisted as Mojang have changed the rules?
  12. FormallyMyles


    I'd assume this is for servers who pretended to be compliant and then went away from it. ;)
  13. I'm going to hope this isn't a joke.
  14. andrewkm

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    I never said that.
    I'm simply stating what their latest deadline is, and it's going out with the above email should your store have anything that violates these rules.

    In the end however: Yes, Mojang "can" change the rules anytime they like. Welcome to the new era.
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  15. Oh my god. The lack of professionalism present in Mojang actually makes me want to kill myself. Masses of servers had previously utilised some sort of supply drop system in order to keep themselves afloat as this was previously classed as compliant however, now, they've changed their minds and screwed everyone over again. Great. They're just killing their game and all servers one update at a time.

    Was this information provided by email or present on their site?
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  16. Ah okay, just wondered because they can't really expect everyone to be compliant with their new standards if it has only been sent to one person. For all they know, we were never notified of this information.
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  17. I don't get how some servers will comply with Mojang's changing rules when they don't have access to information like this thread. Mojang needs to be professional about this and post the official rules on their website.
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  18. "We apologize if you have received conflicting information from us regarding this earlier, but this is the official interpretation of the server specific commercial guidelines."
    In the email I got from Mojang when I asked them about something.

    "-Server boosters (such as “double coins for all players during the next hour“) that are applied to only one specific game on a server, as long as anything gained in the specific game cannot be brought to another game on the server."
    Would this have anything to do with it?
    Here's the full email for anyone wondering -
    Most of it is in the OP though.
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  19. I would've thought that'd classify as a booster, but ok
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  20. i9hdkill

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    But it's ok to sell single warps to players if all players can access them. We asked Mojang 4 weeks ago.
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