Eula info nugget (Allowed/Disallowed perks/Blacklist Bypass)

Discussion in 'Drama' started by MineCove, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. Affixes


    Mojang will sure as hell take you seriously if you call yourself "savemc".
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  2. andrewkm

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our savior! Behold, the owner of!

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  3. Seriously, all we have to do is waste Mojang's resources. Have enough servers blatantly not follow the EULA, keep making domains, and waste their fucking time. Mojang will never be able to catch us all.
  4. And servers peaking at 2000 players? We can go #### ourselves?

    Mojang and players are forgetting that most of serious business owners will close their shops and servers while still making profits, no one will invest their time and money into Mojang and their good will anymore, at least no one sane, after this little stunt they've just pulled - regardless of outcome, the damage was already done.

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  5. The site isn't made for Mojang, it's made for people who play Minecraft. Mojang don't give a fuck about the site. They care about people's reactions instead. Who would they take seriously - a small proportion of server owners, who Mojang think are loaded with block game money, or their precious player base showing their discontent towards the EULA?
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  6. I like the idea of Make sure it looks nice and is easy to use and understand. Most players who support the EULA don't know a clue about this, so make sure it is explained in detail so that they understand
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  7. Affixes


    You are completely contradicting yourself. If the site isn't made for Mojang, then for who is? You clearly stated their "precious player base" is supposed to affect them.
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  8. mathhulk

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    The site will look nice. :)
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  9. If Mojang owned Steam...

    Mojang: Your game called "Star Trek Online" is infringing our EULA which says that players cannot pay with their time to get better things. Please remove this feature by August 1th, or you will removed from the Steam Gamelist without option to put a game again."
    Game Maker: Paying with their time? How they are supposed to get better gear? Gifting it on the start?
    Mojang: That would be acceptable. Please comply by August 1th or you will face the consecuences.
    Game Maker: Ok, I will give the best gear in the start.

    On August 1th...

    Mojang: Your PvE queues allow players to get better gear by paying with their time. The deadline has passed, so all of your games are now removed from Steam.
  10. Do you fucking know that Hypixel works with mojang )_)..
  11. It was a joke lol
  12. xD
    In the end, some hippie server will be the last to live.
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  13. Ridiculous idea but we can create a new Minecraft changing the code so the code is edited by us and we can also change textures so textures are from us.
    I will make a website in some hours for all the people that wants to join to my team and make a new Minecraft with no restrictions.
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  14. Relinquished


    You'd need to do more than change code. You'd have to write it from the ground up. You'd need to do more Han change textures. You'd need to have different entities/blocks. And hundreds of thousands for hosting/advertising/licensing/legal fees. Good luck though. Everyone would love to see his happen, however rediculous (as you admit) t is:)
  15. Why doesn't someone come up with a new authentication system plugin? The plugin would act as a middleman between the blacklisted server and the auth server. One that uses the official Mojang authserver to detect accounts.

    The blacklisted server can just become cracked and use the plugin to authenticate players.

    Or better yet a new launcher that blocks the auth server. Then a blacklisted server can become cracked (So the blacklist doesn't get contacted) and kick anyone who is not using the new launcher.
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  16. andrewkm

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    Congratulations everyone.
    This thread has now entered stage 1 cancer status.

    Seriously, lol at everyone trying to "save mc".
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  17. Dacon


    Lul if someone actually does make a site (pointless) you can have my domain
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