Eula info nugget (Allowed/Disallowed perks/Blacklist Bypass)

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  1. Everyone in this thread is thinking the Eula is judge, jury, and executioner which it is not. All the Eula does is set a standard for all servers, if there were no standards I might as well put a $1,000 rank on Buycraft for full access to the server, and then I would just high-tail it out of there with the chunk of change I acquired. The Eula is just a rule of thumb for all servers to stand by. The Eula is not supposed to end all servers, but to rid out the corrupt ones. It is like windows firewall, it does nothing until it has too, and when it has to do something it does it well. The Eula shouldn't be the standard that you follow, but it should be the thing that you make your guidelines on. For everyone who is hating the Eula do not, it just makes you look bad, without the Eula every server would be corrupt and its priority to make money.
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  2. Xddddd, do you want some help lifting that rock off you? @andrewkm
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  4. wait a second

    so I can`t sell a global XP boost (that really affects ALL players, paying ones or not) for real money? or am I wrong?
  5. From my understanding yes you can sell global boosts for time being
  6. Noble Pro


    The EULA does not set a standard for pricing. As quoted from the email sent out by Mojang, '$500 hats are okay'. So selling a $1,000 rank is perfectly fine.
  7. How to make money (the EULA way):

    Code (Text):
        public void onPlayerJoinEvent(PlayerJoinEvent event)
            final Player player = event.getPlayer();
            (new BukkitRunnable() {
                public void run()
                        player.sendMessage("§cPlayers that donate have lesser chance of getting banned for no reason. §f#blameMojang");
            }).runTaskLater(plugin.instance, 5 * 20);
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  8. Mind telling how voting is covered by the EULA?

    Because if you can't explain this and Mojang is not willing to... you get the idea what you can expect from then. This is anything but fair play or enforcing their EULA, with blacklist Mojang is killing servers as they please. I assume you can expect more "limitations" and restrictions in future. Why? Because they can.

    Even if you can go and survive EULA compliant, don't forget who you're dealing with and the fact that you have absolutely NO guarantees.
  9. PS: Also be ready to bend over when they tell you to do so.
  10. He wasn't talking about voting...?

    He was merely talking about what type of pricing is allowed
  11. What can you expect of the people trying to force the EULA, they have never played minecraft neither managed a server. How can a person answer stuff of things they don't know?
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  12. That's the answer I got.
  13. "or generating income to the server (for example by watching ads"
    So hypixel is breaking the EULA?
    (The daily card reward thing makes non-ranked users watch an ad before getting the reward, and rewards can be coins, which are a soft currency, and can affect gameplay.)
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  14. Sounds like it.
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  15. Helpfull, but a shame for some server owners
  16. I got forced to close the L3tPlay beta because of Mojang. The server was fine, compliant with the EULA at the time. Althrough it contained minimal bugs (mainly with the AI in PVP Training), it was perfect. Players were pretty happy with the unique, simple but yet complete server system.

    But Mojang comes, and destroys all. A 1 hour x1.5 personal level booster was given to you after you voted for the server, and they say that it's not allowed for the reason that "Players are paying in time".

    And global boosters for XP (XP boosters are for all games) were not allowed.

    At least the fleet system in the way that I had them was allowed.
    Gold Bricks were not allowed because can be used for non-cosmetic items in the Mojang eyes. You could purchase global boosters, sell them in the Gold Exchange, etc... (edit: It may because you can sell Gold Bricks for Gold Slips, and buy game changing items, as Slips are the only currency that works to buy game changing items, and they are get by winning games).
    Gold Bricks cannot be purchased, there are only available as premium monthly reward or on the Gold Exchange, where anyone can access it, just you need the appropiate soft-currency for it. And I don't control the value, the community does it.

    And the additional bank space for premiums, not allowed even when normal members can get them.

    I did get some other compliants from Mojang, so I'll edit this post when I remember them.

    $3000 to the trash. Yes, I spent $3000 in this network.

    Edit: I did close it because I got in the blacklist and I didn't want to edit thousands of lines to be EULA compliant, and later, be blacklisted because the rules changed.

    So I did backup the files and I don't know what to do with them. I'll probally wait until the EULA discussion gets a bit more acceptable.
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  17. I can still access from the normal launcher, why is that?

    @l3st4tPlugins Mojang doesn't care about new servers. They only care about the 30-40 servers they contacted via E-Mail.
    Everyone else can make literally what they want.
  18. I did got contacted after.. 1 month I did open. I suspect that someone reported the server. As the server wasn't too big. But I have heard people that own smaller servers that they got contacted by Mojang.

    And about Arkham, maybe you're using Forge or something? If you're not using it, then they probally got unblacklisted.
  19. Using the normal minecraft launcher, doesn't work - does
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