Eula info nugget (Allowed/Disallowed perks/Blacklist Bypass)

Discussion in 'Drama' started by MineCove, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. andrewkm

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    They are using the SRV bypass lol. Mojang is fighting an uphill battle.
  2. andrewkm

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    Kinda late on that lol, this whole thread is filled with it. Who and what are you directing this at, or are you low key jumping in to prepare thread closure?
  3. floory565


    I cleaned up a few messages, obviously didn't want to go through 35 pages.
    And yes, it's an indication that if things continue to get out of hand, I'll pull the plug.
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  4. andrewkm

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  5. MineCove


    Hit the nail right on the head
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  6. md_5

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    Thread Locked.
    After ~3,000 posts on the discussion of "Mojang blacklists" within this subforum (not to mention being filled with rule violations, personal attacks, swearing etc (acknowledged above even)); this topic has run its course for the time being.
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