EULA on every version of mc now..

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Are you going to comply with the EULA?

  1. Nah

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  2. Yeah

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  1. Hey guys, so a friend informed me, you must update mc to play it now, no matter what ver you run..

    This basically enforces their shitty lil' EULA Blacklist now, so what're your thoughts on the EULA?

    Are you going to comply?

    I say fuck the eula, I'll change when they ask me, until then, fuck 'em.

    Peace - Adam <3
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  2. I highly doubt your friend is correct. That would cause mass outrage.
  3. When you load the mc launcher, it says "update & play"
  4. You can already bypass this LMFAO
  5. That's not true, only versions 1.7.2 to 1.9.4 are affected, older versions aren't affected by the blacklist.
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  6. I wonder how many people are going to downgrade to a version below 1.7.x now...
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  7. This is silly. All you have to do is comply. You might as well start getting ready now, so when you get the email you can switch immediately. And I don't think people will be willing to downgrade to 1.6.4 when servers that will be able to comply with the EULA will start coming up.
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  8. JamesJ


    Another thread... Seriously?
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  9. Switch to 1.6.4 and below, Mojang probably has a plan.
    Tell users to bypass the blacklist, Mojang still probably has a plan.

    You're messing with a company, making hundreds of thousands daily, owned by a superpower.
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  10. Erm, so how do I disable launcher updates to play on blacklisted servers? My launcher hasn't updated yet (Haven't even used it)

    Also, here is something for some EULA supporters:

    To all the EULA supporters out there, unless you are willing to pay $5-$10 on a Factions/Prison/Survival server, then the EULA sucks. Most people playing on servers do not donate. The donators donate for perks, not just to donate. Without any real perks (Cosmetics) the amount of donators are decreased. Good server hosting costs upwards of $10/GB. It's not the large servers that will be killed, it will be the mid size ones who can only pay bills from donations

    Adverts are good, but Adbolt has a chance to advertise other servers that could steal your player base. Other Minecraft ads are pay-per-click and very few players actually click on adverts.
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  11. There are people (including myself) out there that run servers/networks for no monetary return, purely for fun and/or learning experience.

    Considering I'm pro-EULA, people that run networks purely just for profit and to make a living are nothing more than no-life suckers. Seriously, making money off of a video game they never made. If anyone plans to make a living off of their server should may as well shut it down and move to something else, perhaps getting a job IRL.

    Now, I think I'll drag this into a different direction, so I'll stop here.
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  12. I did a video on this already, I tested it and the blacklist is on 1.7-1.9.4. Link if you want it,
  13. If everyone killed themself then their would be no complaining about the EULA or Donald trump.

    Let's all kill ourselves
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  14. Do we have a choice? Lol.
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  15. I'm almost sure that you do not have to update the Minecraft program. AFAIK, the thing is that Mojang injected the blacklist code into the Netty library. There was a Netty rewrite for 1.7 and it seems they didn't backport the changes to the old Netty. Therefore, the blacklist will only work with 1.7 and higher.

    If you would like to know how many people downgrade, here you go.
    1.6.4: 2139 servers today;
    1.5.2: 1743.
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  16. Guess what? Server Hosting Companies arn't retarded. They'll have to make 'em cheaper or ppl won't buy because of this change. It's a shift in the minecraft server economy, we'll get over it.
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  17. They didn't backport to older versions for one reason:

    Older versions didn't use Netty, so they need to edit the source code manually.
  18. Or they can just let the big servers pay a lot more to stay profitable instead of lowering prices for smaller servers that die out more frequently
  19. Adbolt doesn't advertise other servers you idiot ;-;

    Isn't it a good thing? Who the hell is going to downgrade to 1.6.4 lol.
    There's like literally no plugins for it.
    gotpvp will die. YAY
    FadeCloud will die YAY
    All the others will die!
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