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  1. trkey



    I've been in touch with Mojang and have gathered some information regarding what's allowed and what's not for server monetization. I figured I'd post a short Q&A here to save people time.

    Am I allowed to sell the ability to fly in my network's lobby?

    Am I allowed to sell the ability to spectate another players inventory if neither of the players are in PvP combat?

    Am I allowed to sell the ability to go back to your previous warp? Everyone will have access to all the warps, the /goback command will simply execute the last warp command you did.

    Am I allowed to sell the ability to see which players are near you in the network lobby? All you can do in the network lobby is connect to different games.
    Yes, as long as it is only in the network lobby and not in the gamemodes.

    Am I allowed to sell access to a cosmetic fireball gadget? Players who pay for this perk would be able to send a fake ghast fireball that does nothing besides make a sound and make a fireball effect. The fireball would not do any damage whatsoever and won't be breaking any blocks.

    All players would be able to have a maximum of 5 items in the auction queue at once.
    Players who support the server financially would be able to have a maximum of 7 items in the auction queue at once. This alright?


    Unlimited worldedit access on a creative server

    Am I allowed to sell the ability to ride your pet? Pets would not move at a higher speed than normal players. It'll be the exact same as walking, but you'll just look cool riding your pet. It's not like a player riding a standard Minecraft horse vs. walking.
    Riding pets would be okay in the lobby, as long as they do not move faster than a player on foot.

    Are ranks events/rank quests/rank missions allowed?
    No. Only if the perks from ranks are purely cosmetic.

    Are key drops/supply drops/etc allowed?
    No. Only if the perks from crates or the supply drops are purely cosmetic.

    I'll update this thread as I get more responses etc.

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  2. wtf I thought they said this was ok
  3. trkey


    No idea. I think they changed their mind, which could be why Hypixel removed it from their webstore: I'm not sure though.
  4. Thanks for the post. But how is flying in a lobby a gameplay advantage? o_O
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  5. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    Exactly. Selling pets, cosmetics, and other aesthetics, no matter how fast they are, is allowed, as long as it does not give a GAMEPLAY advantage.
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  6. What the actual %@\!$. Even if he is faster than a player, what does that have to do with gameplay advantage..

    100% sure he never played Minecraft
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  7. Oh sh*t! He can run to portals faster than others!
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  8. maol3


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  9. Pretty sure mojang knows more about the eula... considering they made it
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  10. Hex

    IRC Staff

    You'd be surprised at how little Mojang knows about their own game.
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  11. maol3


    Have they clarified that flight in lobbies no longer is allowed?

    On the other side, Mojang shouldn't know more about the EULA than us, since we've agreed to it. :p Though, they may know what they meant with certain things in the EULA, but it's up to everyone how to define it. ^^
  12. But really... who reads any of terms of use?
    That also makes no sense since mojang made it- and had to probably spend time seeing that everything is covered.

    Not its not btw :p
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  13. trkey


    I'll let Lee know so be can change that.
    Yeah, they clarified.
  14. Guys, I think when he asked the fly question I think they people at Mojang thought it was fly in the individual servers until they saw the near players ability and then they realized it was only the hub/lobby. Just a thought :)
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  15. maol3


    Oh, where?
  16. Here, some more:

    Am I allowed to sell access to /ptime? (only visual and per player, does not affect mobs or anything like that..)

    Am I allowed to sell access to /pweather? (same as /ptime but for weather)

    Am I allowed to sell access to /near?

    On a creative server it would be okay, but not for an example in PvP.

    If all players get access to a feature such as a plot of land, can I sell access to multiple plots for hard currency?
    No - that would be a gameplay affecting change, so it’s not allowed. All players who access your server must have the same gameplay features offered to them. The same rule applies to items, such as potions.

    Am I allowed to sell money/xp if everyone online recieves the same amount of money/xp once the purchase is done?
    Soft currency may be included with ranks (recurring or single payout), as long as you can only purchase cosmetic items with the soft currency. You may not sell soft currency separately.
  17. MineCove


    Not that I need it, but I appreciate you letting the community know what you've found out :)
  18. Buycraft states multipliers etc are not allowed, however I believe global multipliers are allowed.
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  19. Didn't even answer the right question..
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