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  1. The original server monetisation post from Mojang.
    The second post about server monetisation.
    First off I'm only going to say this once... PLEASE DO NOT FLAME OR COMPLAIN ABOUT THE EULA. I would like to keep this thread constructive. Now for the real reason I'm posting this thread. Before someone says this is the wrong section, please read the entire thread.

    There are some boundaries with the EULA that I would like to get cleared up. Currently the EULA allows servers to give aesthetic "upgrades" to any player who donates money. Servers are also allowed to sell "tickets" to their server, which includes separate premium servers on a network. The last thing directly specified was that servers are allowed to advertise on the server.

    My question is: Are we allowed to offer users more "character slots?" By character slots I mean that the player can save their data and load a completely blank character or load another character they have previously created on the server. I have seen this on another server previously, but it is kind of borderline. Player characters cannot interact with each other directly so it does not give anyone an advantage. It's kind of like selling "extra" tickets to your server. About a year ago I was working on a server that closed down, and one of the plugins that I was making did exactly this, it saved the player's data and allowed for players to have multiple accounts. Currently I am working on another server that is creating an MMORPG server and we believe that many player's would be willing to donate for the chance to create multiple characters within the game. If this does not comply with the EULA directly, would it be possible to still offer them multiple characters but only allow them to log into them on different "premium" servers within the network?

    Any constructive discussion is welcome.

    The other reason for this post is to try and list all of the ways that servers can possibly monetize without having Mojang throw a fit. Everything listed on here won't just be simple "aesthetics," they will be more specific like "pets" or "particles trails." Feel free to suggest anything that could be added to this list. After this thread dies down I will likely move this list into a new thread in a different section so that more server owners will be able to see it and hopefully get ideas on how to keep their servers alive.
    • Pets. Pets can be a great way to get player's to donate, however most people reading this will think that pets are not allowed to interact with anything because of the EULA. That is not always the case, if servers allow all players to obtain a pet and only allow donating to change the appearance of the pet then you could therefore have a loyal guard dog or a rabid baby zombie as a pet that attacks intruders and it would NOT be breaking the EULA.
    • Mounts. Custom mounts are just like pets, as long as players can obtain a mount normally (Or the mount is in a Hub, see Hub Gadgets) then you can offer customized mounts as donation perks. Many servers set their mounts on fire or give them particle effects, but that is only the beginning. With a resource pack you could change the textures of some of the horses (or other entities) to give cool mounts completely unique to your server!
    • Particles. Particles are a fun and easy way to give donator rewards, they can be look like anything from a basic trail behind the player to complex algorithm based trails. Many people think that you can only give a player one trail per particle, but that isn't even close to true. You could have people donate for specific particles, and specific trails separately so that they could combine them to create a unique trail that only they have!
    • Chat Improvements. This can include anything from a custom donator prefix to the ability to change their chat color. You can also give players nicknames. This doesn't only include chat either, you can give players nametags above their name in the form of a scoreboard. Just a note from personal experience, try to limit chat colors to ones that are easy to read, it isn't necessary but it helps make your server look nicer. (That includes using the magic chat modifier)
    • Hub Gadgets. Hub gadgets may affect gameplay but since there is no goal in a hub they do not give the player any kind of advantage, only a little extra fun. Hub gadgets are practically limitless in numbers, (Just like the list of hub gadget plugins people keep making) but just because it seems like everything has been done doesn't mean that it's impossible to create unique gadgets for your server. If fact with the new Elytra it is possible to create tons of new gadgets and customize them. For example you could create a flying carpet, but allow players to donate to change the color or the carpet. Same goes for paintball guns that allow players to paint the hub, simply allow the player to purchase different colors to customize it!
    • Custom Resource Packs. There is no rule that says you can't give players custom resource packs for donating! So if you've got a great artist on the team then feel free to create all kinds of different styles of resource packs that can be downloaded from your server. Resource packs can also give your server a completely different feel and many players love using custom resource packs.
    • Premium Currency. Now although Mojang said that you are not allowed to sell money for in game currency, premium currencies that only serve to allow players to purchase aesthetic upgrades are perfectly fine! This is a great way to allow players to customize their hub gadgets, particles, and pets without having to donate for each individual thing. This also allows players that are donating to purchase more of the currency then they need so that they can save money and buy something that comes out in the future.
    • Global Boosters. Players cannot donate to receive anything that would only benefit themselves, however if boosters help everyone on the server then there is no rule that prohibits them. Boosters can include all kinds of things from bonus exp to bonus points in minigames. Anyone that is even the slightest bit creative should be able to come up with some kind of booster that is specific to their server.
    • Premium Servers. Any Bungee network is able to host a practically limitless amount of servers provided the computer(s) hosting them are strong enough. And according to Mojang, tickets can be sold to servers as long as there is only one type of ticket for each server. You might not entirely realize what this means at first, but this allows networks to offer "premium" gamemodes or servers for a gamemode that only allows donators. With the correct plugins you could transfer player data from PVP servers to PVE servers or vice versa. Now the two restrictions on this are that if player data can be transferred, the players on the premium server cannot obtain any item or gameplay improvement on a premium server and then bring it back to the normal server. So one way transfers might be a good idea for some gamemodes. The other restriction is that you cannot directly go from a premium server to a normal server or vice versa without first going back to the server selection screen. Player's can still communicate across the network but they cannot directly interact or change from server to server. What this means is that the character info can transfer from normal server to premium server and vice versa, but you need to go back to the server list to change from normal to premium.
    • Advertising. The world revolves around advertising. The American Super Bowl (American Football) sells 30 second advertisements for over 4 million each during commercial breaks. Somehow I don't think that a Minecraft server will earn that much from advertising, (Mojang would probably ban advertising on Minecraft servers if that happened) however advertising can still be a great way to pay for your hosting costs. This also doesn't just apply to your server, almost all servers have a website and those are easy to advertise on!
    I'm not perfect and I'm sure that you guys will be able to think of more ways to monetize your servers. And hey, if you feel like sharing your ideas with the community then please post them in this thread and I will add it to the list!

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this whole thread. I know it's long but I believe that many server owners will be able to benefit from this, as well as the developers trying to figure out how to create plugins that are EULA complaint.
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  2. 1. Wrong section
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  3. Clearly you didn't read the whole post like I said to at the top <,< There is a question about plugin development in there.
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    If you read the EULA, you'd know you're not allowed to restrict one part of your network from other players.
  5. I looked through the Terms and I was not able to find anything that specifically said that. If I am missing something please feel free to link the current EULA so I can change the thread.
  6. JamesJ

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  7. A traditional MMOrpg server should have 0 problems complying with the EULA. The EULA was Mojang way of solving the millions of pay to win factions servers and just pay to win servers in general. Global donation goals that give everyone double exp weekend, aesthetics, cool looking mounts, more character slots, Prefix titles for subscribers. The EULA doesn't conflict with any of these which is all a mmorpg server would need to stay afloat. If a server still REALLY needs it there is always an option of ad-revenue.
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  8. Thanks for the constructive feedback! Ill add some of these things to the list.
  9. This was very well-written. I think many people will find this useful.
    It seems the majority of people are against the EULA, but I like it. It forces us to be more creative.

    And now there is almost no end to what you can do with resource packs ;)
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  10. Wouldn't that line mean that his idea of a premium server on a network would be fine though?
  11. If you look at what they define as a server you will see that they consider a server
    Despite that they do not define what a server actually is in the EULA which people agree to. and that you only agree to the EULA for each server software that runs Minecraft. I would suggest just doing as I said above to get around it.
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    They're saying that they define a server as something a user connects to with their client, sending them to another server through BungeeCord isn't the same as them connecting to another server through the client.
  13. That's how I'm reading it too. Think of "server" as meaning the single "point of entry for the client". Or the IP/hostname you use to connect.

    Also, if you offer multiple "tiers" of payments for different perks, you may have to provide them via different tiers of "server-systems". At least that's how I read it - they don't want anyone to pay to get an advantage.
  14. They may define what a server is in the post but in the actual terms that you agree to I couldn't find any clear definition for a server.

    The way to get around that is to have the "ticket" price for the premium servers stay the same and have the extra stuff like cosmetics, pets, etc. whatever sold separately in the store. If you want to give them a discount for buying them together just set your store up so that if you purchase a certain amount of things in one section it gives you a discount. That way the price of the "ticket" always stays the same.
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    That doesn't make any sense at all?
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  16. Which part?
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    You're saying that you purchase a access ticket to connect to the server, but you're also using "servers" instead of "server", you can't have players pay for access to one server and not the other, its either access to all of them or none.
  18. What I mean is that you have two networks connected together. You must go back to the server selection screen to get from one to the other, but they can still be connected. So in essence you have "premium" and "non premium" servers on the same connected network, but to change from one to the other players go back to the selection screen. All your achievements, cosmetics, and whatever can carry over (with no gameplay benefits).
    Pretty much it's like having 2 mini networks inside of a larger network.
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    It's kinda pointless in my opinion, and I don't support to whole idea of getting around the EULA.
    Goodluck with it I guess, but I don't think it's really mature to do these kind of things.
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