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Discussion in 'Drama' started by Triangle_Michael, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. I know that this is a trend. But I want people to explain your thoughts about Mojang's EULA. I'm against it and with it if you REALLY thing about it. Sorry for being vauge.
  2. its bad
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  3. Ignore things and they will go away.

    All the hype about the EULA started with the Minecraft community, meaning we can make it end, too.
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  4. It's slowing down the server startup by 0.0002s :(
    - This is what md_5 said on IRC 1 hour ago.
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  5. That seems simple.
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  6. I feel bad for all the HUGE servers like Omega Realm or The Hive or SKGA (SkyDoesMinecraft's server.)
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  7. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    They will adapt to the EULA and they will continue as normal. Secondly, Sky makes enough money to fund his server without the need of donations.
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  8. My thoughts? They won't do anything (Maybe on the really shitty servers) The only thing it makes me feel is that risks I take feel a tad riskier with the EULA looming around - but just ignore it and hopefully everyone will forget about it.
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  9. Oh yeah. YouTube.
  10. Honestly.. I'm glad all the top servers are gonna go into a state of despair. They deserve it after all they're only in it for the money. It's always about money to them.
    EULA threads are getting quite annoying though.
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  11. If they don't?
  12. Sorry, I just wanted to hear people's thoughts.
  13. Opinions man, still nice to see people who actually still cherish mc. :p
  14. I always wanted to run a GOOD server. I don't want a HUGE server and paying over $1000 a month. I kinda wanted to developed a good player database.
  15. Exactly! See that right there? Some "top" servers have income and can profit off of the server. Thus leading them to get advertisement. That's where the EULA comes into place for small servers. People will be scattering around to find servers that will thrive through the Eula. There are amazing servers out there with custom coding that aren't appreciated as they have no stable player base. It's a trend pretty much, a popular server is going to be popular of course due to players, take Mineplex for example (in opinion) Their gamemodes aren't special at all. Mineplex pretty much thrives on advertisement, CaptainSparklez, McServerList, ect... I know some people will say, "They try their best." Why would a server be "Pay this certain amount to have a chance to apply as a moderator." Oh yeah! Obviously money.
    One day small servers will get an opportunity to show they can be the best. Once that comes, you gotta make the best of it ;)
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  16. I disagree on Mineplex not being unique. I mean, look at their gamemodes. Those aren't unique? Sure, advertisements have brought them to where they are today, however the network itself is still high quality. I agree with you, however, on making people donate for being moderator being wrong.
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  17. A lot of small servers are small for a reason.

    As for Moderator... a server their size would get a fuckton of applications, and 99% are pure garbage. Do they want to read those all? Hell no. Making it donor only weeds out all the players that really don't care about the server and just want power, and it limits the amount of applicants.
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  18. I know. I've seen donation ranks that are over $500! Donate $5 for Moderator? I think not. What if a 9 year old kid donates $5 and gets Moderator and has no idea what to do!
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  19. I see your point, however I think there are better ways of weeding out garbage: perhaps having a playtime requirement? Plenty of people with moderation talent can't afford to donate to a server.

    Anyway, back on topic:

    My second opinion: Mojang is enforcing their EULA all wrong. They should give more freedom to server owners. Perhaps if Mojang had their hearts set on an enforced EULA, they could issue liscenses to sell to servers that apply for them? Someone cited unreasonable ranks as a reason for the enforcement of the EULA (as well as stolen revenue... somehow?), and I think this would solve that. Subtract the manpower involved in sorting through the piles of applications, and it might just have worked.
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  20. I heard that they kept getting complaints from parents that their son donated $200 to a server or something like that. Well, I have a solution. Don't stay logged in to your PayPal account or don't leave your wallet near the computer. It's that simple.
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