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  1. I know there are many threads like this one that exist. Even after four years I do not understand how the EULA works for servers. I understand that if you make a rank achievable in game you are allowed to purchase it with real money. I am not going to say the name of the server I am using for the following comparison, but know it is extremely popular.




    I think my point has been made. Is the EULA just a way for Microsoft to have a reason to terminate your server if they do not like it? It seems like that is the case here. This is just one example, there are thousands of servers out that that violate the agreement. I understand that there are too many servers to just start blacklisting all that break even one rule, but when it is an extremely large server I would have expected something to happen to make an example to encourage people to follow the rules. I have read just about every article I am able to find on this topic, and I am coming to terms that the answer is "it depends"
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    In four years you could not grasp "pay 2 win = no"? Heh. Basically it boils down to the fact that people cannot use money to get advantages over other players. It's really that simple.

    You misunderstand then, because that's not true.

    Showing some random server that violates the EULA doesn't mean anything. There are many that do. Mojang isn't an all seeing, all knowing entity. If they get enough complaints, they'll investigate and shut it down most likely. The bigger you are, the most risk you take by violating.

    That said, I would cry no tears over the shut down of a server ran by a person with such terrible English skills lol
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  3. What are the real chances that Mojang will decide to shut down your server? There are plenty of servers with features that break the rules and have tens of thousands of players each month
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    *shrug* It's a crapshoot. You just have to take your chances.
  5. Just add something like voting rewards where you get votetokens and can buy all the things you put on buycraft with vote tokens. Then it's technically following EULA. :D
  6. Or alternatively, you could base your decision if you follow the EULA on legal positivism instead of the fear to be punished, but that's none of my business ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Mojang considers voting hard currency, so no, that doesn't work.
  7. Why agree to the EULA if you don't agree to it? Just go play another game if it's such a big deal to you.
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