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  1. Ah I see what's happened. To rename fish names, you have to rename the actual name before the colon, so
    Code (Text):
    Blue Whale:
        head-64: "eyJ0......"
    Code (Text):
    Cá Voi Xanh [PỰ]:
        head-64: "eyJ0......."
    You can't have colour changes halfway through the fish name, so that's the best you might be able to get.
    Hope this helps,
    - Oheers
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  2. I have vault installed. The issue is that because that I have no economy plugin installed, not all the files loaded. My request was to add an option to disable the requirement for an economy plugin.
  3. Ooh I see, I'll include this in the next update.
    - Oheers
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    RedProtect support, new permissions.

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  5. like a one menu.yml
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  6. Really like the look of this plugin and I'm thinking of adding it to my server.
    I'm just wondering, could players just AFK fish farm to get the rarest drops, or is there something that prevents that?
  7. No sorry, afk fishers would still receive the rarest drops. Perhaps you could use this alongside an anti-afk fishing plugin to achieve this?
  8. [FISH SPOT SYSTEM] Option(true/false) or Skill (to find them) or Global Characteristic.
    *Add random fishing spots in the different biomes (to be configured) where the main feature is that they are spots for only one type of fish. If you catch within the area you will get bonuses of:
    -Increase the fish caught. (From one cast you can catch 3 fish)
    -Improve the quality (Epics and Legendaries are more likely to appear)
    -Reduce the waiting time when taking the bait. (More casts = More fish = More money)

    *Spots can be randomized by the biomes or you can place them in the desired locations.

    *The visual location of the spots could have a hologram text and some particle animation either around this text or in a radius of blocks (water blocks) to highlight the area where it is shown:
    • Available. When the Spot is available for use
    -The type of Spot (Fishing Cod Spot)
    -The number of casts you have left.

    • Unavailable. When the spot is regenerating
    -Indicates that it is a Fishing Spot, but with unknown fish ( Fishing Spot ).
    -Indicates the reuse time (10min) -Indicates the last Fishing Spot (Cod)
  9. Support for selling catches in sign (all fish or individually) and npcs(citizen)
  10. The first one fits nicely in with region-specific areas, but would require a lot of time so I'll have to do that a bit later once everything's ironed out from release. The second one seems like a cool idea too, thanks for the suggestions!
  11. I checked the GitHub of the plugin
    I find plugin.yml has a line
    Code (Text):
    API version: 1.16
    Can I change it to my server version?
    My server is 1.15 and amy be compatible
  12. No, the code and source files are still using 1.16. I may attempt to support lower versions in the future but for now I would like to work through the core of the plugin first.
  13. Hello Oheers,

    Another time congratulations on this plugins. I like it a lot.

    Sorry for my poor English language skill. I will try to elaborate on what I have mentioned in my review.

    I try to add a cooldown timer for competition in scoreboard with placeholderAPI.
    basically, I'm a rookie on plugins configuration, is it possible to have a custom placeholder that displays dynamically the time until the next competition?

    Thank you for your concern.

    Kind regards,
  14. Ooh I see, there's going to be an update at some point in the future which adds in a load of placeholders, so I'll note down to add this in that update :)
  15. nice ! thank for your fast answers :)
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  17. Hello Oheers,

    Just thinking about something. Have day/night parameter for fishing some particular fish.

    have a nice day
  18. Hello, Oheers, can you please add possibility to select days of the week for competition? So not only every day.

    And what you think about top with latest 10 competitions winners for example?

    Thank you!