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  1. Evening,
    I am encountering quite a peculiar problem with my latest plugin. Everything was working fine until with something I must have edited without realizing, all the events stopped working. My main class extends to listener and i have my events there. The onEnable for example works fine, as does the rest of the plugin, but the events on the main class don't. They just don't 'happen' anymore.
    Here is the main class :

    Thanks a lot to anyone that could possibly help my find the cause of this problem,
  2. Hmmm console throwing any errors?

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  3. None which is very annoying.
  4. How did you get to the conclusion that they don't fire? Have you actually debugged the events? (i.e. print a message right after the method body opens)
  5. I did indeed. They use to work, not anymore
  6. Bump. Still haven't found anything
  7. Try that again, and please report back here with the results.
  8. Try to move the listener registering to the first line in the onEnable. If something goes wrong in the lines before it the listener may never get registered
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  9. Is your mysql server up and running??