Everyone has same IP as my firewall in Bungeecord

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  1. Hello, I have a bungeecord server with ip-forwarding enabled and a Hub Spigot server with bungeecord enabled as well, I have searched through google alot but none of them helped me. Any idea?
  2. Hi there!
    Are you using a home hosted server, or a server company?
    If you are using a home-hosted server, your internet provider's firewall may be trying to block those kind of connections.
    The solution? Go into your firewall settings (Can be found at your Default Gateway) and add an exception to your server's public IP (numbers)
    Using a server company or VPN? There could be a Ddos protection going on which would be blocking external IPs for different servers on a network, kind of like home-hosting.
    The solution? Contact your hosting provider for the best help.
  3. I am using a home-hosted server. And I did add an exception to my server's public IP but it's no use.
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  4. Anti-DDOS tools such as cloudflare can mess with this quite a bit, and players would end up having the cloudflare IP by default
  5. I use cloudflare but I don't think it has something to do with this. Since the IP players have is the ip of my firewall
  6. Players having to pass through the firewall, the packet still has to pass through there, thats the same reason behind why cloudflare IP's get messed up.
  7. Are your subserver, More to say, do you have Spigot.yml having Bungeecord enabled?
  8. Yes, I have it enabled as I said above.
  9. md_5

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    If its the IP of your firewall, you have a terrible firewall that can't port forward properly.
    Not much that can be done unless your firewall has some setting to fix that.
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  10. I use FortiGate 90D is that bad?
  11. md_5

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    No idea why you have a hardware firewall, but it’s probably just incorrectly configured then
  12. Anyone knows how to do it correctly in FortiGate 90D? Since idk how to do it and I can't find how to.
  13. Does your router that interfaces with your ISP not have a built in firewall? I'm just curious, I could understand the firewall if you are seriously worried about security. I'd guess unless it's kind of a residential network styled after a corporate network; and to answer your question, I'm not too familiar with Fortinet, as I normally use Ubiquiti but, I'd guess there should either be a web interface that you could login to or you would manage it by using a console cable. From what I've gathered in the manual, there is a web interface from what I understand and if the address that you mentioned that is showing up for all of your players, then try entering that into your browser and configuring it from there. I found the manual on the Manufacturer's website, so you should try giving that a shot.
  14. I know about the interface, I used it to configure everything and everything seems fine except players having same ip which is a real big problem and I can't get to know what I did wrong, I just need someone to correct me.
  15. What does your bungee config file look like?
  16. Code (Text):
    ip_forward: true
    network_compression_threshold: 256
    stats: 4c0d0490-16ba-48b0-8572-be4cf39c2c00
      - bungeecord.command.server
      - bungeecord.command.list
      - bungeecord.command.alert
      - bungeecord.command.end
      - bungeecord.command.ip
      - bungeecord.command.reload
      - admin
        motd: '&7MyServer &9- &6Welcome!'
        address: localhost:25566
        restricted: false
        motd: '&7MyServer &9- &6Welcome!'
        address: localhost:25567
        restricted: false
    timeout: 30000
    - query_port: 25577
      motd: '&7My&cServer &9- &6Welcome!'
      tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
      query_enabled: false
      proxy_protocol: false
        pvp.md-5.net: pvp
      ping_passthrough: false
      - Lobby
      bind_local_address: true
      max_players: 1000
      tab_size: 60
      force_default_server: true
    prevent_proxy_connections: true
    player_limit: -1
    online_mode: false
    log_commands: false
    - disabledcommandhere
    connection_throttle: 4000

  17. So guys does that mean the problem is in the portforwarding or what?

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