Everyone loose connection on only one server

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  1. Maybe the solution is simple. I setted up 3 more servers on the bungee cord, they are all on the same dedicated box.
    Only one of the newest server every 10-20 minutes, 80-90% get disconnected. no reason, i have no error in my logs.

    only a bunch of lost connection.

    PLease help!!! :)
  2. Go into bukkit.yml and make: connection-throttle: -1
    if you don't have a connection-throttle line, add it and make it -1.
    Obviously should be there though :p
  3. Not working. It still do the same thing.
    The server spike at 100% cpu usage for like 10 seconds. People can talk but cant move or what ever else,
    After a 8-12 seconds, alot of them disconnect and i have alot of
    11:04:33 AM
    [INFO] / lost connection
    I have the almost exact same setup for another server i setted up the same day. same plugins same almost evrything.
    And this one is working perfectly. I only get problem on 1 of the servers. :(
  4. I just updated to the latest spigot/bungeecord version. I copied the server that is working to a brand new folder that changed some config to fit it, and IT STILL disconnect after some time. end of stream
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    Have any backups or cronjobs running?
  6. no, i have no cronjob at all on my dedicated. and it been doing this for 3 days, since i setted it up
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  8. no one got that problem before me.... :S
  9. Hmm seems like CommandHelper is the problem. :/ I'm not sure.
  10. no, Like I said command helper run the minigame on the server, It's all scripted with command helper, thats why you see it using that much raw. I have the exact same commandhelper setup on 2 other servers and it works number one. :S