Everytime I join my server

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  1. I have a hub server and it lets me connect to my hub and our faction server, but when I try to join my prison server, this pops up: http://hastebin.com/ifapebihig.avrasm (from console)
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  2. I can log on prison on my alt, but not on my main acc...
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  3. I have some custom plugins but it only happens to me... So it shouldn't be.. It happened to one of my friends as well.
  4. Seems like some plugin is sending some illegal things to your client.
  5. I can log on on MineChat, but not on my client on pc...
  6. Someone help me please -_-
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    What version of Spigot are you running on the Prison server? This looks like an error caused by a sign exploited (in an outdated Spigot version) to have more text than it should. If you have any logging plugins, search for sign placement/text changes and rollback any extremely long ones (thousands of characters) that you find.
  8. 1.8
    and yes, I have a sign plugin where when you put a sign down and type: signed by
    on the first line, it makes it says
    Signed By:
  9. I remved that custom sign plugin I had and it still doesn't let me join?
  10. Nick

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    If it is the issue that I suspect with signs, it's due to a player placing a sign with too much text (using an old exploit). Updating to the latest version of Spigot will fix it. It is not related to any plugin.
  11. So i typed /p v UltimateRag3r 2
    and I am using plotsquared.
    I was on my alt because I cant log on my main anymore, so I did that command to check my main accounts second plot, and then.... The same error occurs and I can't log onto my alt as well....... fml
  12. So i kind of solved the problem.. When I go on minechat (since itdoesn't connect you to the world, only you can chat), it doesn't kick me. When I type /spawn on minechat and log on my client on my pc, it lets me get back on the server. So I think it is placing a sign in front of the plot you are on and when you tp to the plot, it automatically kicks you everytime you log in... But how do I fix itso it tps you a block back of the original tp spot when you /p v a plot?