Spigot Evolution (Minigame) 1.0

Fun little minigame to put on your server.

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    Evolution (Minigame) - Fun little minigame to put on your server.

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  2. Sounds interesting , it seems to be lacking a in a few things though . Don't really need boundary's , I like the idea of a free roam , world wide game . However , It would be nice to be able to choose what worlds it runs in . I got this in my watch list and will watch it's evolution ;)
  3. Hey there.
    I will make this possible, but I need to make sure what you mean.
    You want me to make it work in ONLY one world?
    And the world I make it run in is customizable. Right?
  4. Not nescarily one world , but a way to enable it in certain worlds only . Yes and what ever else you wanna do , like I say a no bounderies is fine for me .