Solved Exceeding the 16 name length

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm currently trying to set the player name. (I need to set a prefix)
    Nothing I tried is working. Any ideas?

    (I want the prefix to appear over the player's name)
  2. As far as I know you can't exceed the 16 characters limits, but you can use something called String scoller, not exactly what you are looking for through.
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  3. Have you even read my message?
  4. Sorry man I was blind xD
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  5. FrostedSnowman

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    The name character limit cannot be exceeded.

    You can only append text before and after the name itself. This is done using scoreboard teams. The teams will allow you to set a prefix and set a suffix. To have the display above the player’s head, use the scoreboard’s associated objective and set the display option to be above the user’s head
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  6. I'm using scoreboard team suffixes but I can't exceed the 16 char limit.
    This server did it:
  7. Check the wiki they have a solution.
  8. I don't know what you mean but for me, it would exceed the char limit.
  9. FrostedSnowman

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    In 1.8, there is a restricted character limit (16) per name, team prefix, & team suffix. You’re limited to 48 characters in total. It’s a downside to using outdated software.

    In 1.13+, the limit was increased to 64.
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  10. You know that 1.13+ is shit af cuz the combat?
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  11. SteelPhoenix


    You know that's unrelated to your problem?

    The 16 character limit is hardcoded (both server- and clientside). With 16 chars for both scoreboard team prefix and suffix you can get a maximum of 46 characters like @FrostedSnowman told you.
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  12. I can't, if I add a prefix to a team (10 chars) and then add myself to the team (12 chars) it throws an Exception telling me that I exceeded the name length of 16. Even tho the prefix is only 10 chars long.
  13. SteelPhoenix


    Then you're doing something wrong and you need to share your code.
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  14. Sorry for the late reply.

    So here's my code:

    Code (Java):
                if (sb.getTeams().size() == 3)
                    ranks.forEach(r -> sb.registerNewTeam(r.getID() + r.getFirstChar().toLowerCase() + teamName));

                    sb.getTeams().forEach(t ->
                        ranks.forEach(r ->
                            if (t.getName().equals(r.getID() + r.getFirstChar().toLowerCase() + teamName) && !t.getName().matches("playerCount|playerCoins|friendTeam"))
                                final String colors = r.getRankColors();

                                if (r.equals(Ranks.RANK8) || r.equals(Ranks.RANK7) || r.equals(Ranks.RANK6))
                                    t.setPrefix(r.getFormattedName() + " §8❘ " + colors);

                    final Team vanishTeam = sb.registerNewTeam("012vanish" + teamName);

  15. (r.getFormattedName() + " §8❘ " + colors) print this string length to console using System.out
  16. Code (Java):
    [19:30:12] [Server thread/INFO]: -----> string: '§4A §8❘ §4' ; length: '10'
    EDIT: I still need help
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  17. ^
  18. I mean, it’s working for me so idk what to tell you man