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Crash Exception ticking world entities crash every hour D:

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Shicking, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Run this tool with the switches "--dc --dw --de" without the quotes, you probably have too many entities in a chunk, and when that chunk gets loaded, the server crashes.
  2. I have 22 worlds :/
    I will update you if this helps
  3. Dont you think that is a bit too much? :eek:
  4. lol, I have 10 different worlds for sg, 2 different faction worlds, spawn world, many minigame worlds and other worlds that were created for different purposes.

    Also, it seems like the program doesn't like my computer - it won't launch. Any other programs that can do this?

    I realized that the creative world might have been the problem.
    I edited the config so that players can't use mob eggs, as players were spamming the world with them.
    Do you think this will help?
    I'll update a bit later on if the error happened again or not.
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  5. Do you tried running it directly on the server?
  6. If you're on Linux, this command should work

    Code (Text):
    for d in $(ls -d */); do python region-fixer.py ./$d; done
    This'll run the region fixer for every folder in the folder you run it for, it should be safe, even if you run it in your server's directory (assuming you also have the region fixer there) but it's their fault if it breaks stuff. :p
  7. hmm...

    Another crash
    Help again? lol
    This happened with the sg plugin, and the server for some reason couldn't respond...
    Why does spigot keep on crashing? Almost never crashed on bukkit for me D:
    Even though it crashes, spigot: TPS=20, bukkit: TPS=5.
    There was a bunch of free memory when the server crashed.
  8. YoFuzzy3


    That crash was caused by SurvivalGames failing to send information over MySQL.
  9. ah, ok. Thanks. Going to remake the sg database as it is to large to respond quickly enough D:
    It holds info for around 25,500 players

    Any ideas on the previous crash? Same thing?
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    First crash, no idea. Something to do with entities, but you already know that. :p
  11. hmm...
    seems like it stopped crashing from the first crash.
    I have 235 / 250 players on right now, so we'll see what will happen.
    Starting to lag a bit (17 TPS), but with bukkit it would have been around 5, so its ok :D

    It says that the TPS is 18.5, but everyone is complaining about extreme lag, and it is happening to me too. Huge gaps in the CPU usage. Anyone know why this is happening?
    Huge gaps in the CPU usage = 50% to 2% and after 10 seconds back up.
    Players: 240 to 160 in 5 minutes

    EDIT 2:
    I had to restart the server.
    Idk why, but spigot is causing more lag than craftbukkit.
    My theories:
    1.) SQL Database for SG is causing massive lag. Going to reset it soon.
    2.) I need to make my server a hub. Might upgrade to a 32 GB ram server and see if that helps. One server might cause much more lag than many small servers.

    Anyone think making my server into a hub will help decrease the lag? Anyone know what might have caused the cpu usage drops?
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  12. Great, now my sql is messed.


    EDIT: The SQL became too big. Emptying it right now

    EDIT 2: After trying to fix the SQL database for around 2 hours, I gave up. I'll just get rid of it and see if that helps the lag. And I'll remake my website, as it was mostly set upon that database.
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  13. If you trust me enough, I can SSH into your box and assist you, just PM me if you're okay with it. :p
  14. Nah, I won't :p
    Anyways, the server now eats up more and more memory and crashes every hour.
    No error in the console, the server just stops.
    Anyone know why this is happening with spigot? I really need help.
  15. Is all the plugins updated? Also survivalgames is horribly written imo.
  16. lol, I know it is. A new update for SG is coming out soon, hopefully it is written better
    I'll update all the plugins and update you if it helps. Going to be a boring process :(
    Server uptime: 19 minutes
    Ram usage: 43% and it keeps on going up proportional to the time.
    The server seems to crash once all of the swap is gone, which takes around 1 hour.
  17. Eww, never, NEVER use swap. Swap is terribly slow compared to regular RAM.
  18. I know, its just that I don't want to restart the server every hour.
    What actually happened: spigot didn't crash, the machine just runs out of memory and almost dies in an hour, so it turns off the java process.

    A bit late, but an excellent idea. I'll be certain to try this! I'll update you guys soon, server just restarted to prevent a crash, so it'll take around an hour.
    The plugin seems a bit outdated, hope it works