./execute ignores every gamerule known to man

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  1. Hello everyone, i'm here because i have a peculiar problem.

    I'm (or at least, someone on a server I own) is working on a system with commandblocks and needs to use /execute because reasons (there's no way around it apparently).

    that's all fine and it works great but since it is used every few ticks, it spams OP's with the result of said command executed with /execute. And it ignores all relevant gamerules and broadcast-console-to-op

    I've tried to find plugins that would do the same thing, but I only found one using groupmanger, which my server doesnt use. is there any way around this?

    tl;dr looking for a way to /sudo a player to do a command that he doesnt have permission for.
  2. You don't need command block to let a player execute a command as console, pretending to be another player.
    I've seen various plugins offering sudo commands as well. Sorry if i maybe just dont understand you
  3. No, but commandblocks is the way our server went as we have more redstone wizards then coding wizards. and while a lot of plugins offer sudo, but few of those actually 'super user do' (as in, bypasses permissions). I wouldnt mind /execute if it werent spam console despite the gamerules etc being set
  4. isnt it "commandBlockOutput"?
  5. Yes, that works, except for any command that is executed through /execute.
  6. Well, then i can only think about sendCommandFeedback or logAdminCommands. But disabling them is probably not a too good choice
  7. Again, all of those are set to false.
  8. bumping this to check if there's actually 0 documentation on this
  9. the is called running a command asConsole or fromConsole. check out alias plugins that allow for this although they may vary in actual usage. you will have to find a work around. (cmi)
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  11. hm yeah I figured. I found a plugin that blocks the chat but I hate that this is poorly documented.
    Or I might write a little sudo-like plugin that overrides permissions.
    thanks to all of you

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